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Heartlands High school vs Broomfield High school

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LauraSparkle Sun 16-Dec-18 10:40:57

Hi, does anyone know about Heartlands High School and Broomfield high school in North London, in the areas of Haringey and Enfield? Both are good according to OFSTED and GCSEs results are similar in core subjects (Heartlands has better offer of non-core subjects) but they look like very different schools. Also I’m interested in SEN provision for my daughter, who needs some extra support. Thanks a lot!!

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langkaw Sun 16-Dec-18 14:41:34

Heartlands is excellent for sen and has an autism base. Worth looking at Woodside and gladesmore as well. I don't know Broomfield very well.

malmontar Sun 16-Dec-18 23:37:28

Heartlands has great sen provision and the most TAs in Haringey schools. Their Sen provision is completely separate to their autism base though so those figures are in their own right. Our DD with an ehcp will go there if she doesn’t get a place at APS.

LauraSparkle Mon 17-Dec-18 14:59:22

Malmontar and langkaw, thanks so much for your kind and helpful reply! We have just visited Heartlands and had a meeting with the SENDCO and we were really positiviley impressed. We wondered if it is too difficult to navigate for our daughter who has sensory issues and dyspraxia but it’s reassuring to get so positive impressions from you!

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malmontar Mon 17-Dec-18 15:57:55

Great! The sendco there is lovely. Hope it works out. Have you sent off your consultations?

LauraSparkle Thu 20-Dec-18 13:10:07

What are the consultations? Clearly I’m many steps behind you practically and knowledge wise!

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