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Just got the list for Uniform for going up to Secondary school.

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Shoshable Mon 25-Jun-07 16:29:44

we can only buy it from a set web site that helps with funds for the School.

Without trousers, School Shoes, trainers and Daps, it is coming to over a Hundred Pound.

That is just for two changes of clothes and PE KIT the kkit is the most expensive thing!!!

frogs Mon 25-Jun-07 16:40:02

Our was that much for the blazer and the kilt alone, be grateful.

fryalot Mon 25-Jun-07 16:40:08

Is there someone who has older children at the school thtat you could "inherit" some stuff off?

Shoshable Mon 25-Jun-07 16:41:08

Frogs this is for a bog standard Compehensive School. not anything fancy.

jinxed Mon 25-Jun-07 16:42:30


Dreading the girls starting school - gonna cost a fortune!

Shoshable Mon 25-Jun-07 16:45:27

That is also without shoes trainers hockey boots and trousers.

Then there will be a new coat needed, maths equipment, new bag, calculator etc.

DGD is pretty hard on her clothes as well!!!
We acn afford it but what about those not as well off, do they get help?

katelyle Mon 25-Jun-07 16:46:10

Bare mimimum for dd's grammar school is 260 - and they don't wear blazers or ties!

Hulababy Mon 25-Jun-07 16:48:00

Is there a second hand shop? If so go and have a look. There are normally decent stuff available.

DD's prep school uniform costs loads. Dreading it as she gets older and more things are added!

Shoshable Mon 25-Jun-07 16:48:18

Guess when I getthe final bill it will be about that as well!

MarsLady Mon 25-Jun-07 16:51:06

Trust me shosh... you'll save money in the long run. I've got 3 in uniform. My bf's dd goes to a non-uniform school and (because of changing trends, bit of peer pressure and not being able to wear the same thing too often) goes shopping for clothes each half term at a minimum!!!

I won't even begin to tell you the cost of DS1's uniform.... but DD1's school skirts cost £37!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feeling better now babe?

Lilymaid Mon 25-Jun-07 16:51:48

It has always cost far more for uniform at my DS2's local comp than DS1's independent school where there is a second hand shop which parents would use in preference to buying new. Now DS2 is leaving his school and I think I shall get him to dump all his reusable clothing there so it can be kept for emergency use (school has recently changed much of the uniform - twice in two years!)

Shoshable Mon 25-Jun-07 16:55:00

Thanks Marsy, would hate them to be in none uniform actually, but up to now have got away with ADSA for everything but the sweatshirt

I'm sure it wasnt anything like as expensive when her father went to the same school, but back in 1990 I dont remember them having everything with emblems on, just black tousers, white shirts, and navy jumpers!

christywhisty Mon 25-Jun-07 17:05:41

Thankfully I have managed to get most of DS new uniform from M&S in the 3 fo 2 sale.

Just need to get the jumper, tie and badges from the school uniform shop.

I haven't had the pe kit list yet.

Miaou Mon 25-Jun-07 17:14:58

A way off yet, but the high school my kids will go to doesn't have a school uniform. I'm hoping they don't become fashion-conscious before then but I think I'm being over-optimistic

Really don't understand why a bog-standard comp would insist on uniform from just one place - really not fair on struggling or large families, is it? What's wrong with just a sweatshirt and any black trousers/skirt?

jinxed Mon 25-Jun-07 17:17:25

I remeber the joys of meeting my pal from thurso high miaou and heading straight to Johnstons for a cake!

suedonim Mon 25-Jun-07 17:24:58

Sorry <<thread hijack>>

Are you in Thurso, Miaou? We used to live there in the 80's. Ds2 was born there, at the Dunbar hospital, which I think is an old folk's home now. Ds1 went to Pennyland school.

Miaou Mon 25-Jun-07 17:25:30

Oooh I was in Johnstons with my mum and dad on Saturday for elevenses - drinks and cakes for 6 of us came to £7.50 - my dad couldn't believe it

jinxed Mon 25-Jun-07 17:25:48

Pennyland is accross the road from my grandparents!

Small small world!

SueW Mon 25-Jun-07 17:26:29

Hula, after the initial shock of DD's uniform costs, it has been very cheap!

She (10yo) is still in the PE knickers and shirt she had in Reception but everything else has had to be replaced. We've hand some hand-me-downs, some 2nd hand shop and some brand new.

The most expensive thing is the O-Pro mouthguard we have to have each autumn which costs £40 and gets used once a week for 14 weeks.

Miaou Mon 25-Jun-07 17:27:43

Suedonim, the dds are at Pennyland! They are loving it . I think I asked you for info on Thurso (under a pseudonym) a couple of months ago. We love it up here!

Dunbar is still a hossie, though no maternity unit there now. Lovely old building

Miaou Mon 25-Jun-07 17:28:52

jinxed I probably drive past their house every day to pick the dds up from school

Sorry shosable - birrova hijack there

jinxed Mon 25-Jun-07 17:29:00

Sorry for the hijack Shosha!

Miaou - you walk past my grandparents house every day then! They are on Trostan Terrace!

Miaou Mon 25-Jun-07 17:29:42

know it well!!

Freckle Mon 25-Jun-07 17:33:02

I'm shocked at the cost of some schools' uniforms. I thought there was supposed to have been some sort of crack-down on these exhorbitant costs as they were discriminating against pupils from poorer families?

At DS1's school (where DS2 will be going in September), you buy the tie (£4) and badge (£5) from the school. You can buy a black blazer from anywhere (DS1's cost £24) and you sew the badge on yourself. Black trousers (again from any high street store), white shirt and optional jumper. The PE kit has to be purchased, but really only the rugby shirt (£15) and blue PE t-shirt (£5) have to be purchased through the school. The rest is high street stuff.

This is for a grammar school. At the local high school, its bespoke blazer costs a minimum of £69!

magnolia1 Mon 25-Jun-07 17:37:15

Dd4 is at a normal secondary school and her uniforn when she started last year was over £200. They have a house system so there are house colour Tie, Pe Socks, Pe tops, the Blazer, Pe shorts/skirt, Cooking apron, Tech Apron, Jumper with logo ect.... Then the normal shirts, skirts, shoes and so on.

I am dreading 4 years time when my twins go coz Dd4's year 7 stuff will be well worn and only passable to one of them

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