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Uniform problem!

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JellySlice Thu 13-Dec-18 07:08:59

Ds broke a bone in his dominant hand yesterday. He can just about manage most of his shirt buttons, but cannot manage his trouser buttons at all.

AIBU unreasonable to tell him to wear tracksuit trousers, and write a note to his HoY?

Ds is almost in tears worrying about uniform violations on top of how he's going to manage. He's still in a bit of pain, which doesn't help.

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PetuliaBlavatsky Thu 13-Dec-18 07:14:09

That seems a perfectly sensible thing to do to me. Although if he's still in pain and struggling to manage clothing, I'd be inclined to just keep him at home for the day (or rest of the week)

JellySlice Thu 13-Dec-18 07:27:10

It never occurred to either of us that he could take the day off! blush

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ThinkOfAWittyNameLater Thu 13-Dec-18 07:34:44

Keep him home. He's in pain. Being jostled around in corridors by hundreds of kids will be agony.

Poor sod.

Keep him home rest of the week (what the hell are they really taking in this close to Christmas anyway?)

Gileswithachainsaw Thu 13-Dec-18 07:35:06

Oh your poor ds. I would probably keep for the day too. While you communicate with the school so he's not having to worry about being pounced on.

Gileswithachainsaw Thu 13-Dec-18 07:36:04

Dds allow the kids who have broken stuff to leave a few mins early to avoid the stampede between lessons .

Well that's what happened when her friend broke her arm anyway

endofthelinefinally Thu 13-Dec-18 07:39:02

Dd had to wear non regulation shoes for a while on the instructions of her orthopaedic consultant.
I wrote to the school but the message wasn't passed on so I gave her several copies of the letter to hand to every staff member that accosted her.
It did help most of the time.

italiancortado Thu 13-Dec-18 07:41:58

I wouldn't send him in if he is still in pain

SimplyPut Thu 13-Dec-18 07:45:06

At home is pyjamas for the rest of the week at least. Perfectly viable reason.

JellySlice Thu 13-Dec-18 08:04:14

He's calmed down and says he doesn't want to miss school (bless smile). I think he was more worried about uniform violation than anything else, plus embarrassed at having to ask for help. But I've given him paracetamol and he's under strict instructions to go to the medical room and ask for me to be called to fetch him if he continues to be in pain.

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MaisyPops Thu 13-Dec-18 19:32:52

Personally I would be keeping them off. If they're in pain and struggling with clothes then school is the wrong place for them.

We've sent work home for students after a break because it's much kinder to let them do what they can for a few days and rest than have them struggle (even with small things like going to the toilet).

If he must go in then send a note in and call the Head of Year or tutor to confirm the reason for different uniform. It should be ok.

BeanBagLady Thu 13-Dec-18 22:41:19

Sew Velcro on to his trousers.

scaevola Sat 15-Dec-18 19:29:35

Can he pee just by using the zip?

If so, do him up at home and send him in. He won't be needing to change for PE until he's much better.

JellySlice Sat 15-Dec-18 21:13:32

It was the yelp of pain as he got himself tangled in the zip that alerted me to the problem!

But school have been great, and have had no issues.

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DinkyDaisy Sat 15-Dec-18 21:56:55

Velcro sounds like an answer for trousers. Guessing he will be exempt from PE?
However, if school let him wear tracksuit bottoms all the better!

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