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Oxford High School Junior School vs Headington

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nessie421 Wed 12-Dec-18 20:38:56

Hi, we are currently living in the U.S. but are moving to Oxford next summer and are trying to decide on schools without being able to visit or gain local knowledge. We are trying to choose between Oxford High School and Headington and only know they both have excellent reputations and are all-girls. Our daughter would be entering Year 4.

What advice can you give, knowing that we know nothing of their local reputations and differences? (so things you might assume we know, we probably don't!). Our daughter does well academically and is very social. She would flourish in a supportive yet academically challenging environment. A good drama department and focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math(s) - not sure if you use this acronym) would be excellent.

Thank you so much - this is such a hard decision when we are unable to visit the schools!

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Sun78 Sat 25-May-19 22:03:48

Hi Nessie421. I just joined the website and thought I'd reply here rather than start a new post. Can someone who is familiar with headington please reply.
My dd is also going to start in year4 if offered a place. She is academically average but works well under pressure and enjoys extra curricular activities. Drama music sports etc . We are trying to decide between the Dragon and Headington, but dont know the pros and cons of either. Can someone please help?

Sun78 Sat 25-May-19 22:06:03

Also, can someone please advise on 'poshness level' of the two .. I'd feel rather uncomfortable amongst the crazy rich .. apology if I offended someone.

amy1008 Sun 26-May-19 11:48:31

Which senior school so you want for your DD? I think a lot of dragon girls joined Headington senior. So go straight to headington and avoid 11+ or 13+?

Sun78 Sun 26-May-19 14:32:15

I was hoping for Cheltenham ladies, but right now I can't tell whether she'd be able to pass the entrance tests or not..
Does Headington prepare girls for the common entrance tests?

dairymilkmonster Tue 28-May-19 12:19:31

I have sons, so not had kids at these schools but know loads of parents with daughters at them. Sisters of boys at my sons school, collegaues kids etc. i work in mental health and all local schools have reputations, good or bad!

Headington is academcially very robust, more rounded approach and has much better pastoral support as far as I can tell. They are less selective and the results will reflect that. Great facilities.

High school is all about results (bit like magdalen for boys). Lots of muttering about the head in our playground recently. Mental health support historically been less good but I hear from work colleagues this is improving. More weeding out from junior to senior transition to keep results stellar.

Neither school is 'posh' amd most parents of junior pupils are local professionals - doctors, academics, lawyers etc. My understanding is there are some boarders at headington senior who might be from a more wealthy crowd.

Dragon is posh. Ditto cheltenham ladies!

Personally, I would choose Headington and would have sent any girls I had there.

WhyAmIPayingFees Sun 02-Jun-19 17:06:57

OP one year later there is SHSK junior department to add to options. Just bear it in mind if you live to South end of the city. If you get in for Y5 there is no 11+ to worry about.

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