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Student exchange sixth form

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anglophile Fri 07-Dec-18 13:57:48

Does anyone know of a sixth form school / college that support private student exchanges for up to one term?

We are located in Germany and are trying to arrange a private exchange for our son who is currently 15 years old. He will enter the German equivalent of sixth form next summer and would love to spend the first term or parts of it (up to Christmas maximum) in the UK or Ireland. We would cover any expenses and tuition fees, of course.

We'd also be happy to offer a placement for an exchange partner in return.

Any ideas?

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williteverend99 Fri 07-Dec-18 15:15:58

I think that Y12 is a difficult age.

Most boarding schools and colleges will be looking to fill their places for the whole of Y12 and Y13. If they offer a place for one term only they lose out on the five terms that follow as nobody starts A levels or IB mid way through. Since there is usually a high demand from overseas students for A level/IB it is unlikely that a school will commit to offering a one term placement at this stage. You might have more luck if you can leave your application until late August 2019 when others may have dropped out at the last minute or it becomes clear that a place will not be filled.

Have you thought about a summer school as an alternative?

titchy Fri 07-Dec-18 16:44:59

You won't get any year 12 or 13 kid being able to miss a term of study for an exchange, which suggests it couldn't be a reciprocal arrangement...Suggest looking at 6 weeks in the summer instead.

ShalomJackie Fri 07-Dec-18 22:28:11

Might be worth asking King's Ely Senior school in Cambridgeshire

They definitely have had exchange students lower down the school before and have an international section too.

Julianaa Fri 07-Dec-18 22:30:12

St. Michaels College in Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire. It is a lovely school.

Julianaa Fri 07-Dec-18 22:31:15

This is the website.

anglophile Sat 08-Dec-18 12:34:30

Thanks to everyone!

I thought it might be difficult to find something. Exchanges for a term in the first year of Sixth Form are fairly common round here, but most students go to the USA, Canada or Australia. We'll have a look at the two schools mentioned here. Maybe it's worth asking.

Any suggestions for summer school programmes though?

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Jeelba Sat 08-Dec-18 23:28:16

St Felix School, Southwold, Suffolk might be a good bet for a term’s stay in Year 12.

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 09-Dec-18 13:17:26

Vacational Studies offers an 'English boarding school experience for four weeks in the summer.

Satsumaeater Mon 10-Dec-18 14:06:04

Maybe this?

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