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Pfizer1819 Thu 06-Dec-18 16:18:26

My daughter is in year 13 and had to change her school for family move, after she been accepted to state school they do assmeent n October, all her teachers Understand the move she had to do and been fairly marked upon her previous work in year 12 of her previously school except one subject been graded by 1 which I been trying to speak with her teacher and her head master of the school and we found that it is very unfair and they refuse to mark her upon what she already done on year 12 , what I can do and where I can make claim against them and if that will affect her from being Miss conduct from them later?

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TeenTimesTwo Thu 06-Dec-18 16:35:09

Are you saying that their formal grade prediction for the UCAS form is too low and not based on her y12 work?

Or is this just an internal grade that doesn't really affect anything?

If it is the UCAS prediction I guess she can:
- cover the low prediction in her personal statement
- if needed apply for 'adjustment' after results if she does better than school predicts, and try to get into a better course
- reapply when she has results and take a year out

I don't really understand your 'misconduct' question?

I'm not convinced that talk about 'make a claim against them' will be very productive. Really they did you a favour taking your DD when you moved her mid A levels - I think a lot of schools would have tried hard not to take a student on then.

LIZS Thu 06-Dec-18 16:39:23

Not sure I understand fully. Are you saying her predicted grade is below what you / dc think it should be? Did they underperform in an assessment or is the curriculum different to previous?

Pfizer1819 Thu 06-Dec-18 16:57:55

Yes the predictid grade to ucas and she don't want to mark anything of her last year work y12 .
What you mean by re apply for adjustment and to whom? And what do you mean by better course?
Also what a year out means?
I meant that if I made claim her teacher can treat her badly ?
They don't do anyone favour because it is the school system they accept children in the middle I didn't ask them to do exception !
Plus why this not happened with other subjects ?
The subject she been graded very low is one of her top subject she likes and do it very well and her previous school teacher graded her 5 on her y12

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LIZS Thu 06-Dec-18 17:02:50

Adjustment is the process to look for a different uni place if dc exceeds the offer grades for a firmed uni/course. So may be "better" than those previously considered or offered ie. If really wanted to go to a specific uni but did not receive an offer due to lower predicted grades then achieved their standard offer and the uni still had space. Opposite of Clearing if you like.

Pfizer1819 Thu 06-Dec-18 17:02:58

Yes her grade on y12 in her previous school was 5 and she is really excellent in this subject, no the curriculam is not different the order of work to be done is different , which we tried to explain but she is stubborn and don't want listen and insists that my daughter have to follow her way other wise she will not grade her ! And if it is the case why they are open and accepted her if the predictions for ucas show her that she will fall? I don t get the point!!

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LIZS Thu 06-Dec-18 17:04:07

Alternatively by taking a year out she can apply with her grades in hand so know which unis to target.

TeenTimesTwo Thu 06-Dec-18 17:06:34

Can you clarify something else?

You are talking numbered grades, but A levels grades are letters.
What qualification type are you talking about?

If the order of work is different it may well affect predicted grade as there will be some modules she studies twice but others not at all.

Pfizer1819 Thu 06-Dec-18 17:21:01

She is taking IB, yes that is the situation , but all teachers consider that and grade her fairly!

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titchy Thu 06-Dec-18 18:01:04

Her current school has no way of knowing whether her old schools predicted grades were in any way accurate. Current teacher only has half a term to get to know the standard of her work so not unreasonable that she would predict her a lower grade.

Quit all the talk of suing them, making a claim. You have no grounds whatsoever, and you need to be very very very nice to her teachers - your dd needs huge favours off them if she is to achieve decent results.

Don't underestimate the detriment you have caused your dd by moving halfway through IB. How is she planning on catching up on sections of the syllabus that current school covered last year that she won't have covered at all?

She would be well advised to not apply for university yet, but to plan on taking a year out next year, work or travel or something, and apply next autumn with her results already known.

catndogslife Sun 09-Dec-18 16:28:31

I can't help wondering if it would be better for your dd to repeat Y12 to be honest.
It's hard to know if the previous school was being too generous in their marking and the current one being a bit more cautious.
I understand that there is a minimum level that pupils need to achieve in ALL subjects to pass the IB. If this is at risk because of the move then repeating Y12 to catch up may be a better option than not doing well enough and having to resit.

MarchingFrogs Sun 09-Dec-18 17:29:18

Just been reading on another thread, a post where the member set out (to clarify a point) a particular scenario where the OP failing to mention a crucial fact led everyone to give advice which would have been correct under any other circumstances, just not the OP's. I can't think what made me think of that herehmm. Since nearly all Yr13 students in the UK do A levels and only a very few the IB, most readers will have been a little confused, I suspect.

Pfizer1819, the UCAS deadline is not until 6pm on January 15th - although that does mean, all parts completed, by all relevant parties and payment made, by that time on that day. Cpuld you or your DD approach the Head of 6th firm and ask for her final reference and grade predictions to be put on hold and for her to undergo another test in the relevant subject as soon as school restarts after the Christmas break? That would give your DD time to sort out exactly what the new school has covered that her previous one was leaving for later and to do some serious studying over the holidays.

If the school won't agree, though, and will still only give a grade prediction in that subject which is incompatible with any likely university offer, then planning to wait until after tge IB results are out may be the best thing. She can either submit her ucas application then and go straight into the Clearing process (the school won't need to include predictions once she has her actual grades), or withdraw altogether from UCAS for 2019 entry and wait until September, when the 2020 entry cycle opens. The latter would probably be the better choice - more courses available, no problems arranging accommodation etc, less of a rush generally.

ShalomJackie Sun 09-Dec-18 20:23:47

Why would you move your daughter mid 6th Form. She would probably have been better off repeating year 12.

If they are teaching the sullabus in a different order then you/your dd will need to identify what parts of the syllabus she has mìssed and either self study or you will need to get a tutor. She had average marks from her last school. Her current teacher is presumably not prepared to base her predictions on someone else's grade as it is thier reputation or their school's reputation that will be damaged if they over predict and will harm future students' chances of offers if this is the case.

You have to realise the situation is of your own making and you need to support your daughter by helping her to fill any gaps but the school mayor may not be able to help in which case employ a tutor, or if you cannot afford this ask for her to be put back into year 12.

BringOnTheScience Sun 09-Dec-18 22:42:38

Spotted that she's doing the IB. There are very few families on here who understand it, as it's still pretty rare in the UK.

A forecast 1 is understandably worrying. A 1 or 2 will mean failing the entire Diploma.

Has she completed the IAs for each subject? Did she get goid grades for those and in the subject you're worried about?

Would telling us the subject help? There's more coursework in some than others, so more work already completed at this stage.

Alongside the subjects, is she on track with CAS and has she submitted her EE? If she's OK with those, then she could have time to catch up on the content of the weak subject.

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