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Tormead vs GHS sixform

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Mumtryingtomakeadifference Mon 03-Dec-18 11:41:35

My dd is currently at tormead in year 11. She applied for GHS back in October and was offered a place starting in September on the weeend . She has to make a decision by the 13th however is completly torn. She has had some great times at tormead however the school has also mad her and our life incredibly diffuct and as parents we were very disappointed to see the school having such little care for our daughters wellbeing. We dont agree with the members of staff who are running the school as they seem to have done quiet a poor job recently with may of the girl dreading school each morning. She does however love her year. They are all incredibly close and there is a great sense of community between the girls which she doesn’t want to leave. She is also particularly sporty and the sports that she participates in at school aren’t offered at a high enough level at GHS. It seems like a great school however we are concerned about how settling in wold be like as there are only 10 new peoples in a year of 80 + . We also dont have first hand experience of the teaching and the teachers relationships this there pupils. It’s very different from what we have seen to tormead and although we would love her to go there, our dd isn’t sure qwhwerther she wants to leave the security and comfort of tormead. We have moved around a lot as a family and this is one of the first schools that she has spent a longer time in.

Any first hand experience from parents of students of both schools would be great. smile

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Mumtryingtomakeadifference Mon 03-Dec-18 11:43:19

Apologies for spelling my technology is failing me and lagging and autocorrect isn’t working

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TropicalGiraffe Mon 03-Dec-18 18:13:00

My DD was at GHS (a while back now). From what I know, I'd be thinking:
- What are your DD's friends at Tormead doing next year? It may be a nice year group but are all the ones she likes most leaving?
- Does she know anyone at GHS currently? Going in new to an established year group, it helps to have someone to hang out with at first. GHS/girls' schools can be cliquey and so having a way to break in is useful
- Is it just GHS Vs Tormead? Too late to apply to any others?
- GHS sixth form is bigger than Tormead's but generally not that different. They all do the general studies with RGS, similar A Levels and at this point, I doubt a change of school will make much difference to her results or uni choice. They are both 'town schools' and very similar. GHS is a bit more inspirational and dynamic than when my DD was there.
- It sounds like your DD had some pastoral needs, have you thought about how a move might impact/help/hinder these?
- What does your DD want?

Tough choice but also one I wouldn't over stress.

Fifthtimelucky Mon 03-Dec-18 21:58:59

My girls were at GHS from year 7 to the upper sixth. They both really enjoyed the increased independence and the more relaxed relationships they developed with their teachers in the sixth form.

Most of the new 6th form girls settle in very well, I believe. One of the 'new girls' in my younger daughter's year ended up as one of her best friends. She hadn't been at Tormead, but there are usually a few that transfer in from there.

Obviously it's not the same, but all the girls mix with different people in the 6th form, because they are in reorganised form groups and of course they might not be doing the same A level classes as their particular friends.

If you do decide to make the move, I imagine it will be reasonably easy for your daughter to keep n touch with her current friends.

OlderThanAverageforMN Tue 04-Dec-18 10:12:22

I see you turned down a scholarship at GHS and chose Tormead instead in Yr7. You need to decide whether all the reasons you turned down GHS at that time still apply. The ethos doesn't change in 6th form.

I am sorry you have not felt support from Tormead, my experience has been the complete opposite. There is no guarantee you will get more support from GHS. Again IME, they are nowhere near as individually supportive as Tormead.

It's a hard one to call, with no easy answer as whichever way you choose, you will never know if you made the right decision. I think they are both really good schools, which each suit a different kind of girl, and only you know your daughter, and can decide where she will be most happiest.

sollyfromsurrey Tue 04-Dec-18 22:49:06

GHS has recently won some prize for exceptional pastoral care. It's pastoral care is regarded as top notch. If you have been unhappy at Tormead and given that they lose a lot of girls in the 6th form thereby breaking up the one element you have been happy with, I would strongly consider GHS.

Guiloak Wed 05-Dec-18 20:03:23

You need to give a terms notice you don't need to comply with their deadlines. You may lose deposit at ghs. For sixth form I wouldn't be looking at sport but quality of the teacher in the A level subjects. Friends are important but many girls and parents will leave it to the last minute to decide where they will go for sixth form, some may not care about losing a terms fees.

Fifthtimelucky Wed 05-Dec-18 21:48:45

OP: what subjects is your daughter thinking of doing for A level?

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