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Guildford High Vs Tormead Vs St Caths

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Lemonade1000 Tue 27-Nov-18 10:56:36

Just wanted to start the topic up again on Guildford High Vs Tormead Vs St Caths

My DD is in Year 3 and ideally I would like her to go to GHS in Yr 7 but shes quite average in everything at the moment and i'm not sure if she would survive the pressure there. That's if she even got in!

Any parents with children at the school who have children similar to mine? And if so how do you and you r DD feel about the school?

Also I've been told everyone starts tutoring from year 5 to get their girls prepared for the GHS exams, is this true?

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OlderThanAverageforMN Tue 27-Nov-18 11:01:26

I don't know anyone who tutored to get into GHS - but then we came from Rydes, who are pretty good at preparing them for the local girls entrance exams.

I have two DD's both from Rydes, one went to GHS one to Tormead. PM me if you want full details. But in summary each girl ended up in the correct school for her. You will know by Year 6 what your daughter is capable of, and be able to make a better assessment nearer the time. We did entrances for all three, for DD1 but only GHS nad Tormead for DD2, as we then wanted Guildford only.

fairyhopeful Wed 28-Nov-18 15:45:39

I think my dd is capable enough for GHS but she likes Tormead's gymnastics, chess, music. She is sporty, enjoys science and is particularly strong with maths. For her though, Tormead put on a better show. GHS girls spoke to me on the visit, not dd, which was disappointing. Did we get the wrong impression?

Fifthtimelucky Wed 28-Nov-18 23:23:12

I don't know anyone who tutored for GHS either. My girls went there from a state primary. Tests were English and maths only, so no preparation needed. It was one of the reasons I liked it.

Both really enjoyed their time there.

Fifthtimelucky Wed 28-Nov-18 23:34:21

PS science is very strong at GHS. The 3 most popular subjects at A level are maths, chemistry and biology.

I'd say gymnastics was better at Tormead, music was better at GHS, and I don't know about chess.

Bekabeech Wed 28-Nov-18 23:36:59

Lacrosse better at GHS smile

Lara53 Thu 29-Nov-18 09:22:03

If your child is academically 'average' then I would gently suggest that GHS is probably not the right school for her. There is a lot of pressure to succeed. I know girls who have left there and gone to other Senior Schools as the pressure was too much.

St Cats and Tormead seem to me to be interested in developing the whole child still within an academically selective environment and girls I know are very happy at both schools.

I would also look at Priorsfield. I am a mum of boys, but teach in a girls school which send pupils each year to all of the above!

OlderThanAverageforMN Thu 29-Nov-18 11:03:56

Science also huge at Tormead. I think that is where girls schools have an advantage over co-ed. Tormead also very heavily into Engineering and Design, again a subject you wouldn't necessarily equate with girls.

GuerrillaShoppa Thu 29-Nov-18 15:51:34

Second that science is very strong at Tormead. Another two girls have just been awarded Arkwright Sixth Form Engineering Scholarships (to add to a significant number in recent years). See (posts on 9 and 10 November) and also . A fair few girls have gone to medical schools and veterinary colleges over the past few years too.

I have pondered whether Guildford High School (GHS) and Tormead's different 11+ entrance assessment procedures (i.e. having an interview rather than a reasoning exam) skews their respective cohorts accordingly. I have yet to reach any definitive conclusion as yet!

If there is preparation to be done for GHS, I would concentrate on the interview if your child is not of a naturally outgoing and confident disposition.

Bluntness100 Thu 29-Nov-18 15:55:49

Isn't st cats very academic and pushs the kids hard? When we looked at them, a few years ago now, this was the impression I got, I am also friends with a woman who went there and she confirmed this was her experience. It was one of the reasons I didn't go near it for my daughter as it didn't seem to have the pastoral care.

11plusprep Thu 27-Aug-20 19:26:38

I was hoping to get some advise from you.

I have a daughter who will be going into yesr 6 in September.

She will be sitting 11+ exams at Tromead, GHS and St Cath.

Currently she is working through bond books 10 to 11 age.

What else would you recommend for me to work through with her please?

Thank you

RichTea432 Mon 07-Sep-20 21:32:15

Just wondering if Rydes is considered to be a very good school? I notice a lot of people on here mention their girls started there and moved on to ghs tormead or st cats - is there a reason for starting at rydes rather than the girls schools?

Baaaahhhhh Tue 08-Sep-20 14:48:47

It is a very good school. I don't think there is any one particular reason. Some people like that is it small and nuturing and can focus on the individual. Some that it is Catholic. Some that it is just a primary and therefore focuses very much on prep year academics. Some like it's very good Drama and Music provision. However, you may choose GHS or Tormead, as their facilities are bigger, newer/better, and they have a greater range of sporting activities. It also gives you a good insight into the senior schools.

halftermbreak Thu 10-Sep-20 16:59:12

One advantage of Rydes Hill is that it puts off the senior school decision until Y6. At that point, the endless exchange of information and gossip in the school playground means you have a much better idea of the ethos, strengths and weaknesses of the available senior schools. More importantly, when you look at your 4 year old daughter, it's almost impossible to know which school environment would be the best fit as she hits her teens. Looking at your 10 year old, you're better equipped to at least make a punt.

On the flip side, the entrance exam stuff is more stressful!

Strandguildford Mon 14-Sep-20 12:52:09

Theres also a lot of online open days taking place at the Guildford schools at the moment ,i can see from their websites that St Cats are doing one, and Tormead's all start from this week onwards. Maybe worth a look to help you make any decisions in these stranger times.

TormeadShite Tue 15-Sep-20 18:21:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LatinSisters Tue 15-Sep-20 18:24:32

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Fifthtimelucky Tue 15-Sep-20 22:20:01

That is sad, and surprising, to hear. My girls were at GHS from age 11-18 (youngest left 2 years ago).

Neither ever reported any signs of bullying and the impression I had is that the girls were genuinely very caring and supportive of each other.

I never heard any other parents concerned about bullying either.

pico1234 Wed 16-Sep-20 14:17:54


Be careful of Tormead if you want the school to deal with bullies.

Hi There,

Your (slightly childish) profile name and comment are obviously very concerning, and you've clearly created your profile to vent anger against the school. I've also addressed your comments on another page, as you seem to be going around flooding the site with blasé, negative comments on Tormead.

It's concerning to hear that your DD is perhaps suffering at school, something that needs to be addressed.

However, perhaps it would be better spent contacting the school to see what can be done if you feel there is an issue? Simply posting here (about any school) in such an unhelpful way actually achieves nothing but cause repetitional damaged to Tormead and the other lovely girls and teachers there?

Coming on here to ask for advise from fellow mums and dads however is different, and I'm sure if you asked a question, seeking their advise on what to do, you'd receive some great help. I have and know kids who went to Tormead, GHS and RGS, etc. they all have their issues, because "kids-will-be-kids", and like someone mentioned above it's about how issues are dealt with that matters.

If you feel this is not being addressed well by your DDs teacher, then maybe contact someone further up the food chain or the new Head at Tormead? He's been there a week now and I've already heard wonderful things about him from parents. He also comes from one of the most highly regarded and oversubscribed schools in the country... I'm sure if you are really struggling the best place to go to is him directly?

Just my advice! Good luck fixing the problem you have and I hope your DD starts having a wonderful time at TM soon, like mine and others all seem too. x

Strandguildford Wed 16-Sep-20 14:23:53


Second your comments, it's sad to see such posts from people. I've asked all sorts of advice from parents on here over the years that my DD was a Tormead/Local state school. Kids will be kids, and as a parent sometimes things don't go well in life and you do need support from other mums and dads. I disagree entirely with random one liners about any school, its not helpful and upsetting for the girls (or boys) who love their school(s), no matter where they are!

So ask advice? Yes!
Trolling? No!
;-) stay safe all!

MariaParker Wed 16-Sep-20 14:42:33


Be careful of Tormead if you want the school to deal with bullies.

Hi there, I don't normally post here, just browse and enjoy the great advice Mumsnet has in bucket loads!

However, given that you seem to be posting this same 'one liner' everywhere, I think you might want to take a look at yourself and how you're actually coming across. My kids don't go to Tormead, however if you read this site you do get a very balanced and informative view on it, and all the other Guildford Schools for that matter. They all have their ups and downs / positives and negatives. When people, like those on this thread, are looking for factual advise on choosing a school comments like yours are incredibly unhelpful and silly.

Is it true that all 800 kids at Tormead continuously bullying each other and not one teacher does anything about it? Is it a reenactment of Lord of the Flies? I doubt it!! Sweeping comments are unfair and naughty. I for one have heard Tormead is a fantastic school, and from reading above it also seems to be under very recent, new leadership, so maybe go be productive somewhere and ask for help/advice from the school leadership, and if you needs fellow mums to help you do this, ask constructive questions here. After all, that is what mums net is for.

I'm also sure your daughter wouldn't approve of you Trolling her school online? Does it solve her problem? No.

RichTea432 Wed 16-Sep-20 16:28:23

Tormead is a fantastic, supportive school and comments like that aren’t helpful to those looking for advice. Sure speak of your experience, but not in such an off the cuff way. Like others have said, give tormead a chance to help your daughters situation.

PlainJane1968 Wed 16-Sep-20 16:34:37


Be careful of Tormead if you want the school to deal with bullies.

Hey Mums! I know nothing about Tormead, or Guildford for that matter. However, I have a DS at Latymer Upper School in west london, where the current headmaster of tormead used to be the deputy head pastoral. Just to reassure "TormeadShite" that he is brilliant, has helped my son a few times, dealt with some incredibly difficult issues in his time, at what can only be described as a "high intensity" and incredibly busy school of over 1400 kids. If you need help with your DDs problem then you should approach him - sadly posting statements on here wont help with your girls issue. Good luck and don be afraid to reach out smile

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