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11+ Haileybury Imperial / Bishop’s Stortford College / Bancroft’s School

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Lenazayka Sun 25-Nov-18 08:53:55

Hello Mums,

I would be appreciated if you share with your experience and opinion about Haileybury and Imperial Service College, Bishop's Stortford College or Bancroft's school.

DS is 10 year old, studying in Year 5; he is a very academic, social and popular at his current state school; has a lot od achievements in math, art and swimming.

All those schools left a high impression in his heart and he can not decide which one is the best. For example:

- BSC has own professional swimming club (the swimming is our life), bright art classes, strong Math and Physic.

- Hayleybury has the swimming pool but no professional club, a lot of extra other clubs, looks posh, more international, good science department, big library and DT.

- Bancroft's impressed with academic results in math, strong language department, brilliant DT (electric engineering) and carting. Swimming as a part of PE only.

In general, the staff kind and talkative at the each school. They explained what can offer taking into account every thing including references, medical and extra academic abilities. Also, DC and I have looked at St Edmund's but this is not our choice.

The boy would like to try seat 11+entrance exams in the next year but I do not know how difficult to get into them.

I notices those colleges have own written Mat and English test papers.
Moreover, Haileybury and Bishop's have VR and NVR tests which should be done on a computer. I am not sure how they look at all: ISEB standardized or something else?

Another question, how usually children react on children who came from state school or who gets a financial support from school?

What about adaptation/ settlement and bulling?

What was yours decision in favor of the particular school? Or why you decided to avoid the school?

Thank you 😊

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Zoomer999 Wed 19-Dec-18 07:50:19

Are you preparing him for 11+ exam? If you are serious about the 11+, focus on preparation now, not which school is better. You mentioned he is good at maths, how about English? The level of comprehension required is high for these schools. He will need to start preparing now.

Lenazayka Wed 19-Dec-18 23:01:05

Thank you for the reply.

DS has good marks in English and he is a hard working person. He adores reading, including old fashioned books.
Thanks to our tutor, teacher and school. They help us in comprehension and creative writing.
But math he likes more than other subjects.😊
On another hand, DS is a child; and as a mother I want to be sure that we are on a right way to the right school.
We already had an experience in changing of nursery and primary school.

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