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Secondary schools Wigan area

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Kitkat185 Sat 24-Nov-18 07:57:11

We will be moving to the Wigan area soon, what are some good secondary schools.? Anyone any advise on Fred longworth or Golborne High? All secondary schools are actually oversubscribed, but we haven't decided exactly we're we will live yet. I was planning to find somewhere closest to our preferred school, if we find we have one. Went to look at Bedford High which my son liked. Anyone have any views on that school?.. Thanks in advance

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FellSwoop Thu 29-Nov-18 22:07:06

Where abouts will you be living?

Kitkat185 Fri 30-Nov-18 05:32:19

Hi. Thanks for replying. I haven't decided yet. But i'll be working close to Atherton and ideally (but not essential) i would like to be no more that 30 mins drive away from work.

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