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Lady Eleanor Holles - from Putney/Fulham. Doable?

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KiplingAngelCake Mon 19-Nov-18 10:15:58

One of DD's former teachers recommended LEH as a potentially good fit for her. I've put it on my list to visit (for 2020 entry, so I have a bit of time) but think it may be a bit far. We are in Putney (well, technically Fulham but just over the bridge).

Does anyone have experience of this or similar journey times? Am worried that the distance would impact extra-curricular activities/meeting up with friends etc.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

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winterishereithink Mon 19-Nov-18 10:27:55

Girls definitely go from Putney but the bus goes at 7.30 from Putney and it is from the other side of Upper Richmond Road. I would say it's not worth the travel time when there are lots of good comparable girls schools much nearer. More boys tend to travel to Hampton ( same bus) as there are fewer options for boys.
I'd say the other downside with LEH is that there is nothing around there. My DDs enjoy going for a quick 'coffee' sometimes after school with their friends which you can't do at LEH as everyone goes for the buses and there is nothing around there anywhere.
But a great school for the right girl!

TawnyPippit Mon 19-Nov-18 11:33:27

I was just going to say exactly the same. It is technically doable because there is a bus, but it would be a real faff if the closest bus point to you is the one in W Putney. You would have to get over the bridge early every morning (not necessarily straightforward) to get to the bus pickup. If you miss the bus/have to go on public transport for some reason it is a really rubbish journey.

I looked at it previously re Hampton (same bus) and we live closer to a pick up point - I certainly would not do it for a girl as there are so many other options.

From where you are I'd look at Godolphin - a much, much easier journey (bus up Fulham Palace Road - sorted!)

Also agree the point re being quite a remote location. I think a bit of loafing around after school in Starbucks/TopShop/Primark/Superdrug with your mates is actually - within reason - quite a good thing.

montenuit Mon 19-Nov-18 12:01:26

Why would you choose LEH over the fantastic Hammersmith schools?

KiplingAngelCake Mon 19-Nov-18 12:08:49

Thanks all. Really helpful. I suspect former teacher recommmended it, as I mentioned we may eventually look to move further out. Looked at coach route and public transport options and most definitely not a great option for us.

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montenuit Mon 19-Nov-18 12:29:19

Putney High is pretty academic too? Lots of dds' friends didn't get in the last couple of years, seems to be right up there with LEH on selectivity.

Rioiscalling Mon 19-Nov-18 17:29:55

Second, third the other posters comments. I know a few boys from Putney, but no girls, although I imagine there are some. Excellent girls school either in the area or with easier journeys.

We ruled it out because of the journey, plus don't forget the evening / weekend events you will have to attend as a parent. The A316 to get out there can be a real nightmare! If you plan / want to move, then fair enough but I ditto what the others have said about getting off 'the campus' etc.

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