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Surrey - St Edmund's, Seaford College or Prior's Field

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peoniesarejustperfect Wed 21-Nov-18 19:25:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TuttiFrutti Wed 21-Nov-18 18:12:20

My DD is at Prior's Field and absolutely loves it. Great pastoral care, a very friendly school and very mixed abilities academically. I would recommend it to anyone.

I have heard bad things about Seaford recently. Teachers having no control in lessons, children messing about too much with no effective discipline, and worse stuff which I won't put in writing, but involves drugs. I know parents who have pulled their children out.

trinity0097 Mon 19-Nov-18 21:02:42

Plenty enough girls at St. Ed’s.

Pastoral care is great and all the children will be pushed academically. Yes they can support some children who struggle a bit in some subjects, but equally they do great things with the more able pupils. I know one boy who had gone to Churchers on an 11+ Scholarship who went back and thrived.

Lara53 Mon 19-Nov-18 12:43:51

I'm not sure re a comparison between St Eds and PF, but yes I do know some of the girls who are leaving PF to go to St Eds as I taught them in primary. The girls in question struggle academically and I think St Ed's is a little more relaxed on that front.

Previously we sent around 50% of our Yr6 to PF, but this is changing and parents are now considering a much wider range of schools including St Eds, Seaford, Churchers, Franborough Hill etc. Like Churchers there are more boys than girls at St Ed's, but you'd have to look at the numbers. My friends DD went at Yr7 (now Year 10) and is absolutely thriving at St Ed's after struggling at another local prep. It really is tricky. All of the schools you are looking at are great, but depends on feel.

I loved St Eds, but sent my boys elsewhere as they were digging up the A3 at Hindhead and would have been awful to get there from Haslemere. I really like Mr Walliker too.

I got a great feeling at Churchers and knew from the first visit it had the balance we wanted for our boys. Have you visited any?

I went to Seaford with a pupil I supported a few years ago. It wasn't right for her (ASD), but my friends have boys and girls there in prep and senior who are thriving.

Have you looked at The Royal?

TropicalGiraffe Mon 19-Nov-18 09:50:00

Other question was whether St Eds is boy heavy?

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TropicalGiraffe Mon 19-Nov-18 09:47:24

South of Haslemere, but may be moving so can snyc that to where DD goes. Boarding doesn't matter to us.
Any comparison of St Eds and Prior's Field? A friend with DD at Prior's Field said a few girls left her DDs year group recently to go to St Eds. We are unsure about the size of St Eds and the fact it is fairly new as an all-through school. We like the way it seems a bit more traditional and less laid back.

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trinity0097 Sun 18-Nov-18 21:06:26

Where do you live?

Lara53 Sun 18-Nov-18 19:34:48

Seaford also wider ability range and is trying and succeeding in the move away from being thought of as a SEN independent school. The exam results have been excellent the past couple of years. I have close friends with boys and girls st all these schools who I can put you in touch with if that helps! X

Lara53 Sun 18-Nov-18 19:32:06

All very different beasts. Priorsfield and St Ed’s take from a wider range of ability. St Cats and Churchers take roughly top 10% ability wise. Priorsfield is a lovely, nurturing school. The school where I teach send approx 1/2 our year 6 girls there. Maybe 3-4 to St Cats and to St Ed’s and 2 to Churchers last year with 2 more applying this year. Churchers is the only school which doesn’t have any boarding.

My own children are at Churchers. My youngest joined the junior school in yr4 and my oldest went into senior st year 7. Churchers is strong on all fronts - Pastoral, academic and sport.

TropicalGiraffe Sun 18-Nov-18 15:01:16

We are looking at these three schools for DD, based on advice from her prep school head. We are also applying to St Cats and Churchers and considering 13+ Charterhouse entry (her brother is more than likely going there) but we are realistic DD is unlikely to get a place, and that those second three schools probably aren't right for DD academically - although socially and pastorally they would be.

Any opinions? I read the fairly recent thread about Prior's Field with mixed reviews about it being aspirational. So would like any comparisons with these other schools. Co-ed or single sex is no issue and DD has no preference. We want somewhere that will support DD but also not let her be lazy (she needs nudging along from time to time!).

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