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Looking for information about Colston's School in Bristol

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fimoing123 Sun 18-Nov-18 13:11:37

Currently looking at options for non academic DS (10). Has been in a small state primary, youngest in year, loves outdoor pursuits, doesn't currently play any team sports but likes sports/running around/being outside. He has had bouts of anxiety-related school refusal which he is receiving help for.

Have applied for state secondaries but concerned about the pastoral side of things with all the cuts and our nearest isn't great.

Grandparents have offered to potentially help towards school fees which would make private an option, but don't know anything about any of the local ones to us, so would love to hear honest thoughts on Colstons or any Bristol independents that may be more suitable. Thanks.

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Rudi44 Mon 19-Nov-18 22:36:48

No experience of Colstons but has a reputation of being quite sporty, also I have a slightly negative opinion of them as I was making enquiries with them about my DD but as soon as I mentioned bursary they stopped responding to emails when all other schools we were talking to were very helpful in this regard. Would you consider all boys, I know lots of people with boys at QEH and they all love it, sporty but non sporty boys are catered for with lots of music and drama.

Mimena Mon 19-Nov-18 23:38:08

Bristol Grammar School and QEH are both very academic, and even with Colston’s he’d need to sit and do well at an exam in January - I think the deadline for registration for that is really imminent like in the next week or so?

If you’re on the south side of Bristol, for pastoral support I’ve heard good things about Sidcot, though it might be too far.

Summer7799 Tue 20-Nov-18 07:40:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Summer7799 Tue 20-Nov-18 13:57:00

Please note that my comments about primary school doesn’t refer to Colstons lower school.

fimoing123 Thu 22-Nov-18 14:32:42

Hi, thanks everyone so far. Yes, I ruled out QEH as seems more academic and he has a younger sister.

I think Sidcot looks amazing and would be perfect for him but think it's 1hr + to get there which just isn't realistic without uprooting the whole family. Think I need to visit though as might be worth it.

@Summer7799 I missed your post, please feel free to PM me...

I haven't met anyone with or who knows kids at Colston's (or any of the other Bristol independents TBH) so would really love more opinions. Where are these people if not on Mumsnet?!

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tumpymummy Sat 24-Nov-18 01:38:54

I wouldn't rule out QEH. Whilst a lot of boys do get good results it isn't all about just getting good results there. Best thing would be to look round. From what I've heard pastoral care is good at Colstons, but again u really need to look at these schools.

catndogslife Sat 24-Nov-18 11:51:35

I would suggest having a look at Clifton High school as well. This co-ed independent school isn't as rigorous academically to get into as many of the others mentioned e.g Bristol grammar and has good pastoral care.

Moonpie1 Tue 17-Sep-19 22:24:12

Seriously reconsider Colstons. Pastoral care is lacking and seem obsessed about reputation. Kids come in all shapes sizes and with all quirks but Colstons has trouble recognising and developing children.

huckleberry23 Mon 02-Dec-19 01:08:35

I couldn’t disagree more both my children (boy and girl) attend Colston’s and the pastoral care is excellent. They don’t sit on anything and in my experience have always approached pastoral issues with care and consideration.
They also definitely give bursary’s in fact the Headmaster and governors actively seek out children who are able but perhaps may not have the means to attend and then support their education with a complete bursary which is quite extraordinary.
Colston’s has definitely become more academic and actually had the best value added over any independent school in Bristol last year!
They were just recently inspected as in the last month and they received ‘Excellent’ in all areas right from Nursery to 6th form which again and I can say this being a teacher myself is a rare and amazing accomplishment!
I have a child in the Lower and Upper school and I have to say they are both thriving! The Head of Lower school is excellent has really done wonders since his arrival 3yrs ago and the Headmaster of the Upper school is incredibly personable and forward thinking.
It is getting harder to get in but I would definitely recommend it as my children have thrived here so far. 😊

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