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St Benedicts school Ealing- for a girl

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Critta Sat 17-Nov-18 21:59:14

Does anyone have any up to date information about St Benedicts and what it’s like for a girl. I know there are more boys. Are girls generally happy there and what kind of vibe does it have? I’m thinking of moving my daughter there and wondered if anyone had any views or insights.

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purleyoaksmomma Sun 18-Nov-18 13:25:51

It's definitely seen as more of a boys' school. Big rugger school. Quite macho. Stuffed full of Tim nice but dim sorts.

We're aiming for Caterham in Surrey where girls probably slightly outnumber boys.

Reasontobelieve Sun 18-Nov-18 16:06:23

My dd is in the sixth form at St Benedicts and had a fantastic time there. She started in Y7 and yes, there are far more boys than girls in every year group - but she does not feel that it has affected classroom dynamics in any way.

Since she has been there, a number of girls have joined her year group from other schools and they appear to have settled well. It is not as selective as most of the other independent schools in West London, but to me that is an advantage, as pupils can find their own level. There are some really high achievers in my daughter's year, and It is certainly not a school full of 'Tim, Nice but Dims'. The majority of pupils end up at Russell Group or equally high ranking universities.

The school is very sporty but drama, music and art are given equal importance - and there are a wide range of other extra-curricular activities, so that there is something for everyone.

Lastly, the pastoral care is excellent. Whenever I have had to contact the school about anything, they have been very helpful.

Critta Sun 18-Nov-18 16:20:24

Thanks so much for your comments and great to hear your DD has been happy there reasontobelieve. Do you feel it an easy place for a girl coming in mid senior school to settle? And would a relatively quieter more arty type fit in ok with the feel of the school?

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Reasontobelieve Sun 18-Nov-18 16:40:59

Critta, I have asked my dd about girls who moved to the school after Y7 - and she doesn't feel that they have had any difficulties. I think that your dd would be fine.

I have never felt that the school's ethos is in any way 'macho'. Sporting achievements are celebrated but so is academic/artistic success. A new arts block was opened a couple of years ago and the annual art exhibition is always very impressive.

If you haven't visited, do go to an open day, as all the tours are led by pupils. My dd does these and always gets asked all sorts of questions by parents! I am also sure that if you contacted the school, they would arrange for you to have a look round.

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