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Help with Common Entrance process please : Rugby and Oundle

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WhenICountMyBlessings Sat 17-Nov-18 21:34:40

Rookie question:

I keep reading about parents of DC who are holding 'multiple offers' from schools. Does this mean that they have paid multiple entrance fees (on top of registration fees)? If so, how does that work?

My DC is registered at Oundle and Rugby - and I am new to this process - my understanding is that very soon we will have to choose one school to go with and pay the entrance deposit for that school.

Or am I wrong? Can we logistically and ethically keep two schools going? And if so, how do we do that? Rugby say that they want an acceptance deposit in Y7 before interview takes place, along with a declaration that this is our first choice.... but I have seen people on MN saying that they are holding offers from Rugby and other schools as well.

I am very confused !

At this stage, DC is only Y6 and we are not decided (that's another question I need help with btw). A lot can change between now and Y9. I'd like to keep my options open but don't want to lie or mislead. Or pay out multiple deposits!

Any advice please?


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happygardening Sun 18-Nov-18 08:03:29

You do t actually have to commit to one school until you sit CE in yr 8 I think in March/April of the year your DD sits it. So if you want too and are happy to pay the deposits you can hold onto multiple places although most prep schools discourage you from doing this.
One of the main reason people do it is because they are on a waiting list for their preferred school but have a place(s) at Am Other and have been made to pay the deposit Iwhich they will most likely loose if they give it up if they get a place at the school they are on the waiting list for.
How big is the acceptance deposit? Usually you don’t pay a significant deposit until you’ve been offered a place prior to this you’re paying a few for registration and you can register you’re child at as many schools as you like. I think the ISEB state that you don’t pay a significant non returnable deposit often 1/2 a terms fees until I think sometime in yr 7 ask the head of your prep school he’ll know. But as I said above in reality you dont fully commit until you state which school you want your DC’s CE papers sent to around Easter. The best example I can give you are boys sitting on Etons waiting list I’ve know parents be offered places even after CE who’ve paid a large sum in a deposit to another school and lose it when they have accepted a place at Eton at the last minute.

WhenICountMyBlessings Mon 26-Nov-18 14:34:46

Thank you so much for your reply, which has helped to clarify things.

At this stage we just cannot decide between the two schools - my husband favours one and I favour the other. DC is registered at both and I just hope that by the time we get to Y7 that the choice will bet clearer.

I know this is a bit cheeky but would you mind if I PM'd you to ask you something further?

B x

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happygardening Mon 26-Nov-18 16:45:33

yes you can PM me. xx

WhenICountMyBlessings Mon 26-Nov-18 18:48:59

Thank you x

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TonTonMacoute Tue 27-Nov-18 17:47:43

You do not have to choose until the end of February of the year your DC will move. So, if they are due to start in September 2019, you won't have to make up your mind until 28 February 2019. This is because it is the chosen school who mark the CE exams, and it can only be one of them.
This is when you normally have to pay a deposit to secure the place.

We were sort of in this situation, DS was on the Eton waiting list, but we had to choose the other school because it was where he had a place.

DS was then offered an Eton place in March, so we had to change our choice. The other school very kindly refunded our deposit. They were not obliged to, and we weren't expecting them to, so it was a nice surprise.

TonTonMacoute Tue 27-Nov-18 22:16:18

Also, if my maths is correct, you are looking at starting September 2021. In this case you do not have to pay a non-refundable deposit until January 2020.

Whereistheremote Wed 28-Nov-18 22:32:38

Your question about holding more than one place has been answered, but if you'd like to know anything about Rugby you can pm me. I am a current parent and will help if I can. However, I'd say go with the school you all feel at home in.

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