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Esher College

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Yr10DD Tue 06-Nov-18 16:35:00

DD considering Esher College for A levels (maths & sciences). Anyone currently have teens there or recently? Would love to know the good, bad & ugly please.

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Strugglingmum1 Thu 08-Nov-18 23:13:36

I have a teenager at Esher College doing science and maths, He got great GCSE grades from Teddington School in these subjects and wanted to continue with at least two sciences. So far, he has been doing well at Esher. they treat them in a grown up way and they expect some self motivation (more than school attached sixth forms) but he is enjoying it. On the ball in terms of emails home if the test results are not good and they would then insist on them having to sit in more lessons. Only downside is regular parties - that take their mind of study and they are also sharp at kicking out people at the end of year one who don’t do very well in the exams.

Yr10DD Fri 09-Nov-18 13:34:45

Thank you @StrugglingMum1
Is he happy with the quality of teaching etc? Also, Did he go with friends? My DD will be the only one from her school so I’m slightly concerned regarding making new friends etc.

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Strugglingmum1 Sat 10-Nov-18 13:39:26

Yes teaching quality all pretty good. He went with a couple of friends but only one was in one class with him. His other two subjects he knew on-one and lots of teenagers were in that situation in class.

Yr10DD Sat 10-Nov-18 14:16:53

That’s great to know huge thanks for replying!

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