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Chesnut grove/Ernest Bevin

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njhc Mon 05-Nov-18 11:15:07

Hi parents,
My year 9 son is having a terrible time in his current school and I’m hoping to move him.
I would love to hear the positives and negatives of Chesnut Grove and Ernest Bevin.
It would be amazing to hear about your experiences, I’m especially interested to learn about SEND provisions.
Please feel free to pm me if that is more convenient.

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windmill26 Fri 23-Nov-18 17:27:17

Hi,my son is at Ernest Bevin and we have only positive things to say about it! While is not perfect (no school is!) we found the staff to be nurturing but firm and always open to have a chat if you need information or reassurance.My son confidence has grown tenfold since being at EB and I can honestly say that the college has exceeded our expectations.I would recommend for you to call the college and organise a visit.

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