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Claremont Fan Court Prep School

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Di2000 Tue 13-Nov-18 21:48:17

It seems bulling is in almost every school. My son, who started Year Reception this year is being bullied, badly, and the school is refusing to do anything.

Min3rva Tue 30-Oct-18 19:03:10

How awful for you op.Its dreadful to watch children brought down and crushed by bullying.
Is there anyone at the school you can trust to listen to your concerns? I do sometime feel that there is often no recognisable/understandable narrative and therefore so hard for teachers,with the best will , to do something meaningful about.
What have the school tried so far?

Sweetnhappy1 Tue 30-Oct-18 16:23:51

It's lovely that you're thinking of other parents but right now you need to put your mummy hat on and do what is in their best interests. If you don't who will? Move them asap.

ParentsraisingawarenessEpsom Tue 30-Oct-18 14:48:36

Ladies - I do not know what to do and I need your help. The Teachers at Claremont Prep school do not care that my children are being bullied and abused by their age mates.

Their pastoral care is one of the worst there. What should I do?

I've spoken to the other parents and they told me to leave. However, i want to sort it out so no other parents will feel the same way as I do.

Do you know what its like for a mother to see her child come home everyday downtrodden and for me to feel defenceless?

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