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London oratory school or Sutton Grammar school's

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vaux777 Mon 29-Oct-18 23:56:23


Hope someone can help. DS son has passed the exam for Wilsons, Sutton Grammar and Wallington County grammar school. We rent in Putney and being Catholic the London Oratory school is fairly near by. We would meet the faith criteria for a place at the London Oratory School. DS is happy to go to any of the schools( grammar or oratory)

Does anybody have any idea how the London Oratory is for more able children. The results are really good. Distance would not be an issue for us as we could rent in Sutton and all the schools have excellent extracurricular activities. Hoping someone could give me more insight into the London Oratory.


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FrankieCH Tue 30-Oct-18 12:31:51

LOS sends kids to Oxbridge every year. Not just one or two, a lot. But if you’re a Catholic, and attend Mass every week, the school’s efforts towards able kids shouldn’t even come into it. It’s a Catholic school and that’s what matters. Otherwise, perhaps leave the place for someone completely committed to their faith.

VenusInSpurs Tue 30-Oct-18 19:21:33

Of course the school’s ability to support able children comes into it! A child who is both catholic and bright doesn’t want to end up under achieving. And are there really catholic parents who would put attending a catholic school above every other consideration if there were other possibilities that were more academically suitable? How does asking this question suggest that the OP is not ‘completely committed to their faith’?

OP, how did you feel about the school on open day? Do you want to move and live in Sutton or in the right train lines? How would a move suit other family members for work or schools?

peteneras Tue 30-Oct-18 20:29:40

"We would meet the faith criteria for a place at the London Oratory School. . .Hoping someone could give me more insight into the London Oratory."

All I can tell you seriously is, "Don't delude yourself thinking you would meet the faith criteria" re London Oratory and I'm talking with first-hand experience. You can be more "Catholic" than the Pope for all they care but if you are not rich enough or hold high positions in government, etc. then don't waste your time thinking about the London Oratory. I once wrote somewhere on these forums that one should run a million miles from the LO. It's a place where all hypocrites gather under one roof.

On the other hand, if your child's parent is a certain Nick Clegg, a self- confessed atheist; or a certain Tony Blair, a non- Catholic when son was applying, then please apply to LO for a guaranteed place!

A friendly advice, please go for the grammar schools. It's a no-brainer!!!

VenusInSpurs Tue 30-Oct-18 20:59:49

Well, it is true that there has been a series of judicial challenges over the transparency and accountability of the LO admissions criteria and procedures, but it is also true that some ordinary-enough kids get in.

It’s inderstandable if you are bitter that your son did not, Peteneras.

username75757575 Tue 30-Oct-18 21:57:09

Peterenas always comments on Oratory posts and I totally get it if she is upset her DS didn't get in, though I'm not sure how recent her experience is. There's a new head now, and he's great. He really is.

We have a son at LOS who is very bright and he is loving it. He is stretched and is loving learning there. The boys are in sets by ability, so he finds it fun to be in a class of boys all at the same ability level - at his primary he was often held back waiting for the less able to get it.

It seems a very well-organised, nurturing, invigorating school. He thoroughly enjoys his work and is loving the new subjects he's learning, eg Latin.

We are not rich or famous, and nor do we have anything to do with politics. We were just lucky. And the same can be said of all of the children in our son's year that we know. (Shame - I'm hoping for at least one celebrity parent!) All the ones we have spoken to say how lucky they feel.

All I would say is your chances of getting in, no matter how Catholic you are, are slim because of the sheer numbers that apply. But have a go!

vaux777 Wed 31-Oct-18 00:18:40

Thanks for all your replies. Yes we are Catholic but still want the best for my child ( agree with VenusInSpurs). I understand luck does play an important factor now a days with the number of applications for the school places be it the London Oratory or Grammar school or any good school in London. Particularly as there is no catchment area for the London Oratory.

username75757575 - Very encouraging to hear that your son is being stretched and enjoys the school. It is always nice to have feedback from someone who attends the school.

Thanks once again.

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HPFA Wed 31-Oct-18 08:14:59

Results for High Achievers in all these schools are excellent.I get the impression you like LO best so just go for that.

HPFA Wed 31-Oct-18 08:18:21

Peterenas always comments on Oratory posts and I totally get it if she is upset her DS didn't get in, though I'm not sure how recent her experience is.

I think may be a "him". Also vehemently dislikes Harrow School so obviously has strong feelings about certain schools.

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