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Anyone with experience of both Sale Grammar and AGGS?

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Amarie Mon 29-Oct-18 10:41:06

Looking for insights from parents who have had children attend Sale Grammar and Altrincham Grammar Girls School. Have DD who passed exams and need to decide where is best for her in next few days! We got a good feel for Altrincham from the open evening I think, but Sale Grammer open evening was so busy we barely saw the floor never mind speaking to teachers, students, etc. Any insights gratefully received. Thanks!

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changeapart Fri 25-Oct-19 21:57:22

Hi Amarie,
I know you posted this last year but just wondering if you got any insight on this? Does your child now go to any of this school and why did you decide that school over other. I am in the same situation. My daughter passed for all grammar schools. We are not sure whether to choose alty or sale...

bombaychef Sun 27-Oct-19 19:49:41

I'm interested too! Sale appeals as mixed.

Smoothbananagram Mon 28-Oct-19 11:20:02

I have two dds at Sale. Dd1 missed out on AGGS by a mark which was no problem as she'd already decided on Sale. Dd2 passed for them all but the decision was a complete no brainer for us because dd1 has had a genuinely wonderful educational experience at SGS. I think they get it right somehow, possibly because it is mixed. It's nicely academic but not high pressure as an environment.She's now in Year 11 and is actually enjoying her GCSEs which in today's climate seems to be rare! She's on course for 8/9s in everything pretty much. She's really looking forward to the sixth form as well and wouldn't consider going elsewhere. The music department has been a real highlight for dd1 - she's in four different musical ensembles. Dd2 is also in the choir and has a part in the school show this year ( Les Mis). Neither are very sporty but my perception is that this side of the school is equally, if not more, strong.
I haven't direct experience of AGGS but do know of girls who are very happy there as well. If your dd enjoys the all girl thing and gets frustrated by boys in the classroom, it may suit but I honestly couldn't recommend Sale enough from our experience.

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