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laptop specfication for secondary school

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Nearly47 Sat 27-Oct-18 14:03:34


Wanted to know what spec of laptop did you buy to your child starting secondary education and is it working Ok?
Don't want to spend loads but need it to work well for homework, etc. and for it to last for a couple of years at least.

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Mominatrix Sat 27-Oct-18 14:30:18

I don't think there is one specific laptop which is suitable for a child starting secondary school, and that there are a number of perfectly adequate ones in various price points.

Key would be wifi (if they will be taking into school), a calendar tool (useful, but not necessary), Microsoft package (most useful), and internet access for research. For me, ability to parentally control the device was very important, as is linking the device to our family network for remote backup and loss-prevention reassurance.

DS has a MacBook pro which was a gift from his grandparents, but a cheaper model would have been perfectly adequate. It definitely will see him through his senior school years and the addition of AppleCare US (I specify this as the US Apple Care covers one accidental damage over 3 years which the UK one does not) is very helpful.

RedSkyLastNight Sat 27-Oct-18 14:54:00

Assuming PP means Microsoft Office, when they talk about Microsoft, that is definitely not an essential! OpenSource products such as OpenOffice will do just as well - they probably need a word processor, spreadsheet tool and something to make presentations.

I agree that WiFi access is necessary - many schools put homework online and there is a lot of research type homework.

School might also suggest certain software is needed, for example DS has a composing package he uses for GCSE music.

We bought cheap reconditioned laptops for our DC -there is really no need to spend a fortune, especially when just starting secondary. If they are only using it for school, you can get away with quite a basic spec! (If they want to play Minecraft/Fortnite/Sims you'll obviously need something more heavyweight!)

PhoebeFriends Sun 28-Oct-18 12:58:36

Sorry I am hijacking your thread op but could someone recommend a specific laptop and where from around £350. I need two for both DDs. Also would it be advisable to wait until Black Friday to purchase to get a better deal?

PhoebeFriends Sun 28-Oct-18 13:00:43

I should add that it will need Microsoft office and I would want to buy new. Am looking at offers in pc world on HP models currently. What do people think?

GreenTulips Sun 28-Oct-18 13:01:28

Kids use google doc google classroom etc here they learn it in junior school ready for high school

Look at laptopsdirect online for good deals

Black Friday is a possibility but rarely do they change prove by much

EvaHarknessRose Sun 28-Oct-18 13:01:44

I got HP Stream ones 3 years ago that both still do the job - shop said I didn’t need to spend more and that they had decent speakers for a cheaper laptop so were popular with students. They link via wifi to our wireless printer (used to attach leads) and are lightweight, also used for Netflix.

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