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Welsh KS3 levels

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BrieAndChilli Fri 26-Oct-18 20:38:24

DS is in year 7 and we’ve just been given his new maths group. It says his group will be working on level 5-8 topics but if we feel the grouping is wrong to discuss it with them.
There’s no info what the levels refer to so hard to say if they are right or not!! I’ve looked on the school website etc but it has nothing.
Can anyone point me to resources regarding the levels used in the welsh system?

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sproutsandparsnips Fri 26-Oct-18 20:42:27

Could it relate to the national test levels? Level 4 was what they should have achieved at year 6 leaving so level 5 would have been above expected and presumably the others relate to what is expected in yrs 7-9. Not sure tbh as ds not had new maths group yet - we have a meeting after half term.

BrieAndChilli Fri 26-Oct-18 20:45:33

I thought it could be but then wondered if it was anything to do with the new gcse number system which I still don’t totally understand! What was wrong with ABC etc!!

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noblegiraffe Fri 26-Oct-18 21:07:27

Wales hasn’t switched to numerical GCSEs, it still does A*, A, B etc.

Welsh National Curriculum for maths including level descriptors here:
5-8 would be the highest band.

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