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Perins School, Alresford - My observations..Please help ..

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Su2019 Sun 21-Oct-18 12:44:58

I was searching for my DS's secondary school around Basingstoke area. After my visit to Perins School last month I am really disappointed. My issues are as below...

1. Kids Discipline/Behaviour: I am hugely disappointed with small section of kid’s behaviour I saw there. Not sure it is because other schools I visited either on evening or much controlled/moderated visit...? Or this is what happens when kids 'Grows' from primary to secondary..?? I saw very small section of kids abusive/aggressive to each other and shouting to each other. Or I am out of touch..??

2. School Facilities: I visited other schools like Costello (state school). But what I have seen is Perins facilities are much lower/minimum compared to Costello. Apart from some new and renovated buildings others don't seem to have good facilities for kids. No ICT lab (seems to have laptop scheme) . No Science lab or either going through renovation?? Overall I didn’t get same feel from Perins compared to Costello. Or is it because I had high expectations from Perins or Costello was arranged drilled well polished school tour..?

3. Looks like school is focus on Music, Sports etc so may not be good place for kids /parents keen on science or technology areas in GCSE later? Though my tour guide did mention it is a ‘balanced’ school for all subjects.

I haven't made up my mind and these are my observations/concerns. Very keen to get these clarified by people who got direct experience says kids moved to this school recent years from primary and how their behaviour changed? I am keen to listen to feedback from other parents. I have only a week to decide and still really confused. Perins was my first choice until my visit.

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PurpleAndTurquoise Sun 21-Oct-18 21:38:07

Perins is great. Behaviour very good. It's a very sought after school. Children come or from Winchester and Basingstoke as it's so good. Lots of appeals this year from children out of catchment trying to get a place. I knew someone who came from a secondary in Winchester and couldn't believe how well behaved everyone was in lessons compared
to their previous Winchester school. Whenever I have been to Perins the students have been delightful- very polite and some came over to ask if I needed help to find where I was going.
The definitely have science labs and STEM clubs. ICT is particularly strong as they all use laptops.
I only ever hear good things about it.

Languageofkindness Sun 21-Oct-18 21:44:28

It has a very good reputation around here but I guess if you like another school more then apply there - i’m not sure perrins should really be catchment for Basingstoke residents anyway!

motortroll Sun 21-Oct-18 22:20:53

Amery Hill. Much better progress results than perrins. In Top 20 Hampshire schools.

Bus from holiday inn Basingstoke.

motortroll Sun 21-Oct-18 22:23:22

Costello is also a great school I would favour it over perrins.

My girl goes to Brighton hill school

I'm a teacher so know a bit about the local schools. I'm happy with Brighton hill. She refused to go to Amery.

Su2019 Sun 21-Oct-18 23:15:18

Thanks very much for the responses. Sorry if my comments anyway offended anyone. My intention is just to make sure I am getting the right information and I am no way intend shows Perins in bad light.

Costello is my DS's favorite but travel arrangements difficult for him to be there. Same for Amery Hill. Perins is the most suitable for us now else only option is Sherfields. Sherfields open day was good as you expected from a well oiled and well marketed private school that takes good fee in return.

Glad to see Parents who got kids in Perins giving very positive responses. I spend only 1 hour there so feedback from parents know the school for years will be very helpful. thanks very much.

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Su2019 Mon 22-Oct-18 14:36:01

Thanks Languageofkindness, motortroll & PurpleAndTurquoise

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motortroll Mon 22-Oct-18 19:04:46

I was keeping quiet but I actually teach at Amery! Obviously you'll think I'm biased but it is by far the best of the date schools you've looked at.

That said you need to be happy personally with your choice. If it doesn't feel right, don't choose it!

Similarly you might find you really like a school you had previously thought you'd discounted so it's worth seeing as many as possible.

I'd advise booking a tour in a non open day/evening at any you're serious about.

I chose Brighton hill as I have met the head a few times and I'm confident in his ability to make a good school outstanding. It's everything I hoped it would be. My first choice for DD would have been Amery but actually much as I love it it wasn't right for her.

motortroll Mon 22-Oct-18 19:05:12

*state schools not date schools!

IsobelleG Sat 08-Aug-20 08:10:02

If you are going to complain about a school please spell the name correctly

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