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Secondary schools in Norwich

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LSNHL Fri 19-Oct-18 08:56:31

Hi we're moving to Norwich in December and I'm completing the admission form for school would be grateful for some info on City of Norwich School (An Ormiston Academy ) , Hethersett Academy and Wymondham high school , after some general advice on teaching and behaviour as son is in year 10 ,
Thanks guys

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PatriciaHolm Fri 19-Oct-18 09:37:20

To be honest I would be more concerned as to whether any of them are offering the same exam boards/GCSEs as he has already started as he's going to have a huge task catching up otherwise, especially if any of them start the syllabus in year 9 as is increasingly common.

Do you know if any of the them actually have spaces?

LSNHL Fri 19-Oct-18 10:27:38

Hi Patricia,
The schools I have picked are doing the same GCSE subjects , so not much of a problem I don't think , ?
All the secondary schools in Norwich are oversubscribed and normally are for what I can gather .

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clary Fri 19-Oct-18 10:49:21

As Patricia says, are they doing the same boards? Subjects like MFL, English and history may have covered topicsor books in a different order so be aware that your son may/will have catching up to do.

Some schools start KS4 in yr 9 now - did the school your ds is now at do this? Do any of the possible Norwich schools do it? If so I'd strike those off your list as 15 months if catch up is too much.

EduCated Fri 19-Oct-18 12:40:23

Have you seen this thread too?

Fairylea Fri 19-Oct-18 12:41:23

Wymondham has a brilliant reputation locally.

LSNHL Fri 19-Oct-18 17:48:33

Thanks Fairylea

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LSNHL Fri 19-Oct-18 17:50:10

Thanks Clary, never thought about the exam boards was just thinking if they had the same subjects it would be ok . I'll have to look into it , thankyou x

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theboxofdelights Fri 19-Oct-18 17:52:59

Wymondham, fantastic school.

LSNHL Fri 19-Oct-18 19:13:39

What year does Wyndham start GCSE's though that's my problem ?

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PatriciaHolm Fri 19-Oct-18 21:45:51

Wym high chooses option in year 8, at least they do now.

LSNHL Sat 20-Oct-18 00:13:46

Thanks Patricia , looks like Wyndham is off the list then 😏x

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VenusInSpurs Sat 20-Oct-18 00:23:44

How does your son manage, academically?

Is this nice a question of having no choice?

LSNHL Sat 20-Oct-18 10:44:30

Venusinspurs , he is on target for getting his tutors predictions, which is b' s and C's ,
I'm not sure what your message is meaning ?

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VenusInSpurs Sat 20-Oct-18 11:15:11

Because, to be honest, I would do everything I reasonably could to avoid moving a child within the GCSE years 10 and 11.

I suppose a very calm, diligent, bright child could catch up, and do well enough to get their grades for sixth form. But I can’t think that it won’t have some impact on grades. They usually need a good grade in every subject they want to study at A level to get a place.

As you have discovered some schools take a 3 year run up, there are different exam boards with different syllabi / curriculum, and even if they do the same, they may teach it in a different order.

However, if you find a school and they tell you what modules they have covered so far it is all available online.

Would you be able to consider tutoring for key subjects to support him if he was missing areas of curriculum in tne run up to exams?

LSNHL Sun 21-Oct-18 13:31:00

Thanks Venusinspurs give the schools another ring for more details x

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