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Tiffin or sgs or wally boys or wilsons

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Nj123 Thu 18-Oct-18 19:57:29

Has anyone got any idea which they would choose if they had a son who’s clever but massively into sport and art.... English is his thing. Maths definitely not!!

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KeepingTheWormsQuiet Thu 18-Oct-18 22:48:16

Has he qualified in for all these schools without maths being his "thing"? Is he good at maths, but doesn't enjoy it? Did you go to the open days? All the schools do sport and art.

I believe Tiffin boys have to go somewhere else for sports due to shortage of space. Wilson's has about 7 astro fields and loads of space (the site used to be Croydon Airport). They are also next to Roundshaw Park, which they use for cross country.

If you really don't have a favourite I'd choose on the basis of travelling time.

Leeds2 Thu 18-Oct-18 23:13:59

I live locally to SGS and Wilson's. I always thought Wilson's was a maths school.

KeepingTheWormsQuiet Thu 18-Oct-18 23:24:46

Leeds, I don't know what you mean by a "maths school". My sons are at Wilson's. The school selects on maths and English ability, but they do all the normal subjects too. I guess they can go at a faster pace/greater depth/ more challenges with maths than other schools because of the high ability of the students, but they take the same GCSEs in Maths and Further Maths (for some students) as other schools. It's just one subject. That would be true of any of the 4 schools.

Nj123 Thu 18-Oct-18 23:41:26

Thank you all. He’s not keen on maths. Yes qualified for all except tiffin still have 2nd round in a couple of weeks.
Journey times all horrendous other than tiffin which is my least favourite of them all.... mins you he may not get any of them in March so.....!

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chandellina Fri 19-Oct-18 11:17:59

He must be not bad at maths if he got into Wilson's! My son passed SGS (and Wallington) but not Wilson's. Maths isn't his thing either. We looked at what people are doing for GCSEs and even at SGS the main subjects were all maths and science. Nothing wrong with that but DS is more a creative writing type. Really liked SGS though.

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