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South West Herts Results

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Ari83 Wed 17-Oct-18 14:45:18

So the SW Herts results are out and my son did awful in them. Not really sure what to tell him, he needed at least 235 to have a chance of getting into the grammar school we both fell in love with and he got 171... I'm not sure whether I should tell him or not and I feel awful that I didn't prepare him better for the exam either...

Hope everyone else's results were better!

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NWgirls Wed 17-Oct-18 15:06:25

Don't tell him the actual score, but if he has friends likely to talk about this tomorrow, then you might want to share the outcome (that he will not get an offer) with him. Hide your disappointment, praise him for giving it a go (and any preparation he did), and hopefully you will both put it behind you within a few days. Encourage him, and help him think about how he will handle it when people ask, and perhaps also if one of his classmates got in.

Keep in mind that a below average score on a grammar test - competing with mostly very high-ability kids - does not mean that his ability is necessarily low, just because the score was below the cut-off or the average og the test-takers.

Ari83 Wed 17-Oct-18 15:17:52

Thanks for your reply @NWgirls

I don't want to be one of THOSE mums raving about their child but he is actually very smart, constantly top of the class, we're just very surprised about the result. I think it's because we didn't prepare him enough in the style of questions that was necessary.

Really feel bad for him, he thought he had done so well! I think I'll tell him what you suggested, it's much kinder...

Thank you

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helpmum2003 Wed 17-Oct-18 15:23:14

I'm sorry to hear you've had bad news.

You need to be positive with your son and congratulate him for his efforts. Often the kids are less upset than parents. Move on to discussing which other schools to put down.

Personally I wouldn't discuss exact numbers. I know it'll be discussed at school but it's no-one else's business and I'm sure other parents will be grateful if a culture of not discussing exact results is created.

As to preparation there are risks that if you've been tutored to get in it can be a struggle once there. So please don't feel responsible - you have been sensible.

Notquiterichenough Wed 17-Oct-18 15:55:26

In my experience, the children worry far less than the parents. Neither of mine knew what their classmates scores were, beyond their very best friends. Schools didn't even mention the results.

I would let him know that his score wasn't high enough for the Grammar, and the look very positively at the schools that you are likely to be offered.

Other local schools are great, and in many ways better than the grammars.

TheThirdOfHerName Wed 17-Oct-18 17:49:26

There is no pass or fail on the S W Herts consortium test, and he did well to give it a go.

I know you must be feeling disappointed, but hopefully you'll find some alternatives he can apply for that you're happy with.

Ari83 Wed 17-Oct-18 20:15:05

Thanks for all your positive messages!! It is so true that I am more upset than he is! But I have to go with my own ethos which is that if kids can't get in on their natural ability the maybe it isn't for them and that is why I wasn't so strict with having tutors... I have to live by that. Can't help being upset though as I fell in love with the school in question... Oh well, onwards and upwards!!! Thanks lovely people xx

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