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Is this normal/standard

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Gileswithachainsaw Mon 15-Oct-18 16:46:39

Dd and a friend were hurt today, well sounds more like trampled in between classes.

So much pushing and shoving that she ended up on the floor, banging her head on a pole almost falling down the stairs and had a massive yr 11 fall on her leg . Both her and friend ended up being sent to the matron for ice packs.

What's wrong with kids who should he able to walk from one class to another without some how turning it into a kind of mini stampede where the smaller kids get trampled...hmmangry

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TheWiseWomansFear Mon 15-Oct-18 16:47:25

Sadly sounds similar to my secondary in the 2000s

Jackshouse Mon 15-Oct-18 16:50:44

They have a matron in their school? That is very unusual.

Gileswithachainsaw Mon 15-Oct-18 16:52:19

Yes I had no idea schools still had them either.

Perhaps injuries from this nonsense are common..?


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EduCated Mon 15-Oct-18 17:05:10

I think it’s in the camp of not being uncommon, but also not being acceptable. I’d speak to the school and ask how they make sure changeover times are handled safely.

TeenTimesTwo Mon 15-Oct-18 17:16:12

Not normal at DD's school. She doesn't like change over much because she is poor on stairs, but she's never related anything like you describe.

You can see why schools like Michaela introduce their rules if that kind of behaviour is common.

Gileswithachainsaw Mon 15-Oct-18 17:28:35

I've already had to email once I'm going to get a name for myself aren't I hmm

One would hope the older ones at least would have an idea of the size of themselves. Dd is 4 " 6 /7 she wonders if they don't even see her.

I don't agree with the michaela method as we could well have ended up down the stairs if she had her hands behind her back . Still you'd think kids aged 11 and up would be able to cope with a short walk. hmm

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MaisyPops Mon 15-Oct-18 20:49:10

It depends whether it is a stampede and students pushing and shoving other students or whether it's unfortunate that some students tell during busy changeover.

The former happens very very rarely in most schools (in my experience)
The latter is still pretty uncommon but I can see how it might happen as some school buildings are not built to cater for the current numbers of pupils on roll.

If the medical issue has been dealt with then I'm not entirely sure what you want to achieve by emailing. It sounds (at face value) like an unfortunate accident.

Hope she's ok now.

Gileswithachainsaw Mon 15-Oct-18 20:54:25

It was change over. However there was also deliberate shoving around. People also stepped over her and the friend received a foot to the face. Thankfulky some one stopped and helped dd up. Or it could have been worse than a sore leg from being fallen on and a hand being stepped on.

She seems ok thankfulky. Hopefully the friend is too

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reluctantbrit Mon 15-Oct-18 21:11:53

Our school has a one way system on the stairs. And you get warnings and detention if you don’t behave on the stairs.

Large school with 240 per year and so far no problems reported by DD.

Gileswithachainsaw Mon 15-Oct-18 21:34:14

Detention for misbehaving on the stairs...I like that idea.

There's no reason on this planet why a bunch if 11-16 yr olds cabt behave for 30 seconds between ckass and walk nicely.

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noblegiraffe Mon 15-Oct-18 21:48:29

Ask if they have CCTV on the stairs so they might be able to find whichever kids were being an arse and caused injury?

You don’t have to be Michaela to have a sensible keep left system!

Gileswithachainsaw Mon 15-Oct-18 22:06:14

I hadn't thought if cameras. I will ask dd to look to see if there are some

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MaisyPops Tue 16-Oct-18 06:51:11

I can think of occasions where someone has tripped and fallen (there was some knocking after they fell as people didn't see) but as soon as people saw everyone was up and helping and older students started marshalling.
It was an accident. It wasn't that anyone was behaving badly, more a trip plus timing at the busiest point.

I also second the CCTV option. It could eb a situation more like that accident. It could be terrible lesson transitions. It could be awful behaviour.

TheThirdOfHerName Tue 16-Oct-18 07:14:22

The school where I work also has one-way systems on stairs and a 'keep to the left' policy in corridors. It does help, because everyone is at least walking in the same direction.

Gileswithachainsaw Tue 16-Oct-18 07:40:44

Having just asked apparently there is a keep right system but no one takes any notice. A teacher saw it all unfold but did nothing but ask then to move out the way so she could get past with another child.

Ironically the deputy head and safeguarding and behaviour development team had pressing matters to sort out recently like sending emails to remind about no trainers and to stop parents hmmshowing up.

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