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GCSE Literature revision

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Patouli Thu 11-Oct-18 15:17:04

I’m taking the plunge and looking for your opinions here! I’m a former Head of English and I now tutor online. I am thinking of putting together some GCSE Literature revision aids to include recorded videos, online activities and the option of booking a tutorial... want to keep costs low and keep each topic fairly brief, accessible and friendly as the revision pressure is mounting. It would provide more personalised and focused support than passive video watching alone.
As my ‘clients’ are most likely to be parents looking to support their children, I’d be interested in any suggestions you may have of areas that produce the most anxiety and where a short course might make most impact. I have my own favourites of course, but don’t want to presume.
Am I wasting my time or would there be interest in revising this way?

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Thisreallyisafarce Thu 11-Oct-18 18:18:11

19th century texts. Shakespeare.

Patouli Mon 15-Oct-18 10:12:41

Thank you! And as might be predicted, ‘Macbeth’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ made up 93% of responses in 2017... think I have a starting point!

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