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Lenazayka Thu 13-Dec-18 07:37:01

Our DC is 10 now and he is preparing for 11+. Haileybury is not too far from us and we attended some open events there. The children well organized from year 7, six form students very patient and helpful. Every one knows his role and what he/she wants from life. Definitely, the students are not from middle class ( fee is 30k+) but the standards for bursary/ scholarships allows to keep a balance. There are many boarders than day students. Children must study on Saturdays. Opportunity of extra curriculums are amazing. Our DS was impressed with biology department, library and art. He didn’t like a boarding house ( he saw 8 boys in a room, was in shock 😂). Teachers interested to teach and give as much as your child want to learn. All conflicts are negotiated quickly and at the best interest of child. Classes very small. Food is perfect.

However, our child was more impressed with Bishop’s Stortford College.

Both have a good reputation and roughly the same results. But BSC has own swimming club and strong physics/astronomy department.

giddybiddy Wed 12-Dec-18 18:32:01

Yes of course

Findanotherpassword1 Tue 11-Dec-18 11:18:07

Hi - I'd love to private message you with lots of questions! would that be okay?

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giddybiddy Thu 06-Dec-18 15:03:14

On the integration question, anything that is done is in houses as my DD has not met anyone new who isn't in her house or in one of her classes.

giddybiddy Thu 06-Dec-18 14:59:54

If she is v academic then Brighton might be a good option?

Findanotherpassword1 Tue 27-Nov-18 14:16:16

Thank you so much.

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Oldermum63 Tue 27-Nov-18 13:49:23

Some years ago we had a daughter at Ardingly and she was bullied. It has a new headmaster now and it may well be much better. Our son went to Worth and really enjoyed it.

Our younger daughter is at Burgess Hill Girls and will be going into the Sixth Form next year. Burgess Hill deals very well with all types of student and is a very happy place!

Findanotherpassword1 Thu 11-Oct-18 11:53:06

Looking at Ardingly, Haileybury school for 6th from or my academic (sciences) daughter. Any one have children at either Ardingly or Haileybury? How do they intergrate the sixth formers? My daughter is qutie shy.

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