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Homework problems

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allinmyhead12 Tue 09-Oct-18 15:04:43

my son year 9 has been given a geography project to do, i have helped with one question and managed to provide guidelines for him as he needs to do it himself however i don't even understand the second one let alone be able to help him with it.......i know he doesn't get it either and as its more towards writing which is not his strong point i know he is getting worried about it wrong to tell him to leave it, youve managed one bit (which could be more than some kids have done) or should i be pushing for him to try and get us both stressed.... i have tried to sit and google it myself so i can send him in the right direction but im lost are we supposed to help our kids if we dont get it ourselves and feel stupid too???

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1sttimeDD Tue 09-Oct-18 15:24:02

Direct him to ask his teacher for further guidance if you cannot do it - that is what they are there for! You are not expected to know it.

Telling him to leave it as he's done some of it is setting a precedent that will not benefit him as he continues through education!

allinmyhead12 Tue 09-Oct-18 15:27:35

i get that but with all the other homework sometimes it feels like we do more at home and wonder why we send them in the first place!!! LOL
he is not a confident lad and even if i tell him to go and speak to them i have a feeling he wont. I think i get a bit stuck between enforcing them to do it to, well if you dont do it you must face the consequences and learn from them!!!

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TeenTimesTwo Tue 09-Oct-18 15:32:12

If my DD doesn't understand what is needed and I can't work it out, I send her back to clarify with the teacher. (One reason to look at h/w the day it is set).

If she actually can't do it, that is another matter. Once I have spent long enough helping her then if it can't all get done it gets left, & I write a comment explaining. Doesn't happen often as school is good at setting appropriate h/w.

GetOnYerBike Tue 09-Oct-18 15:34:31

My sons can use their online homework app to send a message to the teacher which both my children have used to clarify homework.

It is up to the child to seek out the teacher, this is why it is always suggested that they start the homework the day it is set, that way they have plenty of time to seek guidance.

GetOnYerBike Tue 09-Oct-18 15:36:24

pressed too soon, as he is in year 9 are there any classmates he can ask for help from? Ds1 often helps out classmates for statistics homework to just point them in the right direction with something.

allinmyhead12 Tue 09-Oct-18 15:49:03

we have a homework app which i check daily and add to the white board in order of when its due. (feel like im the teacher sometimes) the app doesnt let us message the teacher though.
I have just spent the last hour googling the subject and still no clearer lol. it may be a note to the teacher explaining we have tried to understand it but to no avail.
Just hate not being able to help and at least give him some direction of sites to visit to have it explained in a language he understands.

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purplecorkheart Tue 09-Oct-18 16:19:28

Could you post the question and maybe someone could help or would that be too identifyin?

allinmyhead12 Tue 09-Oct-18 16:40:24

He has to write a newspaper article about China land reclamation. The how's and why....I can't find anything that he would be able to understand or for me without studying for hours lol

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titchy Tue 09-Oct-18 16:41:20

He HAS to ask if he doesn't understand. With the best will in the world OP you are not a Geographer and I assume not familiar with schemes of work or marking criteria. The teacher is. Don't spend another minute on Google.

Leeds2 Tue 09-Oct-18 17:28:01

It would be best if he asks his teacher. Or emails them if he isn't confident.

Could you post the question here, and see if anyone can point him in the right direction?

TeenTimesTwo Tue 09-Oct-18 18:19:40

They have probably learned about it in class and have some facts in his exercise book that he has forgotten to mention …
(DD2 has a habit of doing this)

Get him to ask his teacher.

DumbledoresApprentice Tue 09-Oct-18 18:40:09

China does quite a lot of land reclamation. Hong Kong Airport and Hong Kong Disneyland are both built on reclaimed land. If you google how thy were built you might find something helpful. They fill in shallower bits of the sea around their coastlines with rock and other stuff to create new land for building on.

allinmyhead12 Tue 09-Oct-18 18:47:29

Thanks for all the help. We are doing history and science tonight as due sooner. Geography tomorrow....not sure who is at school me or him lol.....I'm having a gin to recuperate 😂

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titchy Tue 09-Oct-18 19:03:21

We are doing

We? confused You're doing him no favours you know....

allinmyhead12 Tue 09-Oct-18 19:12:13

It was the royal we as I said I'm having a gin he is doing the homework I'm supervising to ensure it's done

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reluctantbrit Tue 09-Oct-18 20:42:35

We were told to write in DD’s planner if there are significant problems with the homework, including when we feel it takes too long or the child does not understand it.

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