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Westfield School, Newcastle

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Bigbootbingo Sat 06-Oct-18 14:52:12

Hi, would love to know more about Westfield School of anyone can help. Daughter is in year 6, strengths in maths and science, but does have significant anxiety issues (poss. ASD). Am worried her current school may be too pushy.
We want a small school, preferably subtle sex that will give her to opportunity to excel in her strengths, but will nurture her neurodiversity...
Would love to hear any thoughts...

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Bigbootbingo Sat 06-Oct-18 14:53:21

No subtle sex though 🙄 meant single sex.

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MuckersFuddle Mon 08-Oct-18 12:59:05

Hi Bigbootbingo - we moved our daughter to Westfield for secondary education and have not regretted it. She settled in straight away and her self confidence has increased massively. The school is very nurturing and really does focus on the individual. My daughter's year group contains a mix of scientists, musicians and the sporty and all are given the opportunity to excel, no matter what their strengths.

The school have an open morning on Sat 13 Oct from 10-1. Why don't you and your daughter pop along and have a look round and have a chat to the teachers etc? I think you will enjoy 'the feel' of the place.

Bigbootbingo Mon 08-Oct-18 19:01:43

Hi Muckers,
That's great to hear, I'm pleased your daughter is enjoying her time there. We are going to pop along on Saturday and have a look. We've got a prospectus and following the FB feed, it does seem to have a lovely feel.
Thanks again for your endorsement, it really helps to know other families are recommending the school.

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