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Is there a lot of pressure in year 7?

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allnewusername Wed 03-Oct-18 09:15:54

Just wondering if there is a lot of pressure in year 7? All the tests done every term (or even more in some subjects), the (reading) quizzes, the pressure that if you don't do well you will move sets etc?
It just seems a bit much to me for 11 year olds...

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RedSkyLastNight Wed 03-Oct-18 09:55:49

Not really any pressure at DC's school.
There were tests every term (of half term) but they were low key (mine never bothered to revise), and they will be used to frequent tests from primary school anyway.
No sets here either, so very much the ethos of doing your best and not worrying about everyone else.

elkiedee Wed 03-Oct-18 09:56:57

I would think some of those things depend on the school. Are you thinking about this in relation to your own DC?

DS1's school uses Accelerated Reader but they don't have ludicrous requirements that would require him to read more than he does anyway - he enjoys reading and he does it regularly, and he came third in his class for his word count read - I don't think he particularly had a sense that he was worrying about the competition but was pleased to feel he had done well.

Teaching is mixed ability but they have various programmes - there was an open evening and a teacher made it very clear that kids who are very good at maths, for example, will be expected to keep showing that they are learning new things and not finding it too easy, and this is monitored. I think he would have been ok in sets but I can see not having them has advantages from some of the stories posted on Mumsnet - no need to worry about holding on to his position. Most of the teaching at primary school has been mixed ability with some extra challenges for those who need them. Year 6 is terribly dominated by SATS so I think it will be good for him to have a couple of years of learning new things and doing a wider range of subjects without worrying about formal exams or doing too many tests for setting purposess.

I'm more worried by the uniforms and the pressures those cause

reluctantbrit Wed 03-Oct-18 11:47:25

DD's school only does sets for maths and PE in Y7 and Y8, I like it as I feel it takes the stress out of the learning and also gives the children time to establish friendships and get over the change from primary to secondary. Plus teacher have enough time to see academical potential and nurture it than changing sets all the time.

We already had termly tests in primary so DD is fairly unfussed about them. She got a case of nerves that she suddenly had to revise for a vocabulary test but we just explained it in peace and the school is good by not doing too much at the same time. Most likely it will change when the girls get used to the routine.

We get decent amount of homework but DD struggles a bit trying to a good way to organise it, that needs a bit of work at the moment but she learned to make an effort.

TeenTimesTwo Wed 03-Oct-18 12:03:44

I think that more tests actually helps in some way as they get used to them and they are no big deal. Plus y6 prepares them quite well for that side of thing.

No school should be bouncing pupils around sets based on single tests so I would hope that doesn't add to pressure.

The impression I get is that most pressure in y7 comes from
a) school that set a lot of homework
b) detention happy schools
c) organisation load

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