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claro79 Sat 29-Sep-18 15:07:31

I need some help regarding Secondary schools in North London. (I didn't grow up in the UK so the whole system/options is a bit of a minefield).
My son is currently at a Montessori primary school and we love the fact that it has a strong community, it is small and the teaching is superb and very attentive as well as the fact that is coed, there is no uniform or homework. Unfortunately, the only Secondary montessori school is outside of London, which is not really an option for us at this moment.

I am trying to find the best match in terms of educational transition as well as a personal fit. He's very sociable, sporty, musical and confident. Not much interest on the academic front yet, but curious if presented adequately.

So far I have looked at AC, WE and Fortismere (would have to move house) in the State sector, and KAS and Southbank on the independent sector. Will be visiting the Halcyon next week.

I would prefer to go State for a number of reasons, but the schools seem to be rather big and I get a sense that perhaps not that nurturing, I'm concerned my DS will be just one more number.

So what I am asking is for any recommendations in the Islington, Camden, Haringey area (would move for the right school), or a nurturing non selective private.


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