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Legal standing

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honeyrose2207 Fri 28-Sep-18 18:50:54

Hi, anyone know what I can do?!

I won a appeal for my son to move secondary school, but the new school is refusing to admit my son. They have contested the appeal which got a big fat no and told they must admit my son.

Still nothing.

I know they are trying to protect a student already at the school who has complained about DS going there, there has been history but nothing to warrant anything, this was when he was in middle school.

He also will need extra help and the school will be squeezed but we went to the appeal, won and it was legally binding.

I have got the education board, his current school and my MPs backing.

What the hell are they playing at?

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LilyMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 28-Sep-18 19:00:18


We've edited your sons name out of your opening post - hope that's okay. flowers

honeyrose2207 Fri 28-Sep-18 19:01:32

Yes of course, thank you

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noblegiraffe Sat 29-Sep-18 10:21:48

How are they refusing to admit him? Has he turned up in full uniform and been sent away or has it not got that far?

This sounds very odd. If there’s a kid in the school where there have been historic issues, usually care is taken to put them in separate year halves and different classes and that’s it.

I don’t know what your next step is, hopefully someone with more knowledge will be along soon.

prh47bridge Sat 29-Sep-18 11:11:22

Assuming this is not an independent school, you are right that the decision of the appeal panel is legally binding. If this is a community, VA or VC school, tell them that if your son is not admitted immediately you will refer the matter to the LGO as a clear breach of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 Section 94(6). If this is an academy or free school tell them that you will refer them to the ESFA as they are in breach of their funding agreement.

GhoulWithADragonTattoo Sat 29-Sep-18 12:22:46

I’d turn up with him to in uniform on Monday. If he is not simply admitted I’d say you need to speak urgently with the head. Stay polite at all times but you also need to be assertive about the fact your son has a place at the school.

GhoulWithADragonTattoo Mon 01-Oct-18 11:38:04

What did you do today? Was your son accepted?

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