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Swimming with Fulham Cross?

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PhilomenaButterfly Fri 28-Sep-18 08:13:40

Does Fulham Cross offer swimming? It's not a deal breaker, but DD would definitely prefer it.

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PhilomenaButterfly Fri 28-Sep-18 09:43:33


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PhilomenaButterfly Fri 28-Sep-18 12:12:15


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winterishereagain Fri 28-Sep-18 13:26:43

Doesn't mention it on their PE curriculum page.

PhilomenaButterfly Fri 28-Sep-18 13:34:35

I know, and I've tweeted them but no reply.

Oh well, she'll be disappointed, but we've still got them down as her first choice. I think she'll be too knackered to swim after school, she's an introvert so already finds school very tiring.

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WatchOutForTheCar Fri 28-Sep-18 14:32:10

Don't know about the swimming but Fulham Cross is an amazing school. I am friends with a few members of the SMT and they are absolutely brilliant at what they do!
Your daughter will be very happy there

PhilomenaButterfly Fri 28-Sep-18 14:47:36

Let's hope she gets in! 😁

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