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Reviews on London Oratory, Wimbledon College, John Fisher

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questionsneverstop Thu 27-Sep-18 10:53:40


I am looking for any review on these 3 schools....
Has anyone visited them or children go there?

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questionsneverstop Thu 27-Sep-18 17:21:15

Anyone, please?

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username75757575 Thu 27-Sep-18 21:58:52

NC for this. DS started at the Oratory this September and we are super impressed so far. Very well organised, very happy boys, very professional teachers.

What has impressed us most is how happy DS has been there since we dropped him off, pale with terror, on day one. And all the parents we have spoken to say the same.

Nice, humorous, sensible, head. All seems great. We also have friends with children at Wimbledon College and they are very happy there, too.

questionsneverstop Thu 27-Sep-18 22:58:34

Thank you for your feedback.
Just back from the open day at wimbledon and had a different feeling after leaving the oratory on Tuesday.

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peteneras Fri 28-Sep-18 07:57:41

"Just back from the open day at wimbledon and had a different feeling after leaving the oratory on Tuesday."

Don't know what that "different feeling" of yours is like but I too had a very different feeling after leaving The Oratory many years ago. As far as I'm concerned, I'd avoid The Oratory like a plague - seriously! And I don't care how good academically and everything else they are - there are better ones e. g. The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School in Holland Park, London, etc. I've never seen so many hypocrites congregated under one roof like at The Oratory, so that's the clue there for you.

Best of luck to your other school searches.

username75757575 Fri 28-Sep-18 09:58:04

OP for some reason there are a couple of posters on MN who are very cross with the Oratory. I'm sure they have their reasons but am not sure how relevant they are now.

Please don't let them put you off if you like it. It has a charming new head and all our friends who have children there are, like us (although we're new) absolutely thrilled with it.

questionsneverstop Mon 01-Oct-18 12:51:20

Thank you for your feed backs.
it is going to be definitely a difficult choice.

I have just learnt that we are too far from WC. Last years the furthest distance was 5km so we are just outside that distance.

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Growingboys Mon 01-Oct-18 14:18:17

OP I know someone who got WC who lives much more than 5km away. More like 10k. In fact I know several people who live more than 5km away, including some whose son started this September.

So I'd take that criterion with a pinch of salt.

questionsneverstop Tue 02-Oct-18 23:00:47

Thank you

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