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Coopers Chislehurst - Catchment areas by band

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Selfishjeans Wed 26-Sep-18 14:31:55

Does anyone know what the catchment areas are for each of the bands at Coopers ? I have been very impressed by what I’ve heard about the school and I think DD would thrive there but we live just over three miles away (by road). There is also an outstanding local academy and we live just inside it’s catchment area, my preference would be for Coopers but I’m worried that if we put Coopers as our first choice and didn’t get it then that would jeopardise any chance she had of a place in the local academy.

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PettsWoodParadise Wed 26-Sep-18 22:30:32

Past distances are in the Bromley Booklet but they are only a guide and could change.

Traditionally the top band or two has come out furthest (last year 2.8 miles) or been ‘all offered’ in earlier years as it is competing with grammar school places.

Do bear in mind that in the past Coopers hasn’t had an equal balance between boys and girls numbers, there are far more boys than girls so can make the girl groups more cliquey than in some other schools. I think this is due to girls often choosing the like of Bullers or other all girls schools which are in the area.

Put the schools in your true order of preference. The schools don’t know what order you’ve put them in and your DD gets the place that they qualify the highest for as per the school admission criteria and oversubscription criteria.

maz99 Wed 26-Sep-18 22:48:45

List the schools in the order you prefer. If you don’t get Coopers as your first choice, then the system will be work through your list and allocate you the next school that you meet the admission criteria.

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