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Greenshaw High School - chances of success if met SET for 60 places but about 10km away

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Mangomadness2014 Wed 26-Sep-18 05:26:13

Unfortunately my DD didn’t get through to round 2 of SET tests for WHSG and non such. But she is eligible for one of the 60 set places at Greenshaw.

We live about 10km away. So had couple of q’s ?

1) does a SET eligibility give a realistic prospect of success of getting in the school or is it based on distance.
2) more to cheer up my DD does 60 place means she did ok in the test but not just good enough.


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Toomanycats99 Wed 26-Sep-18 05:42:29

My daughter passed stage one of 11+ last year but failed stage 2. We went for greenshaw and she got it on waiting list in April. So I guess it depends how much your daughter failed by as to how likely she is to get one of the places, I don't know what my daughter got in the first stage to compare. . I think there is quite a lot of waiting list movement in the grammar stream as people will turn it down for a full grammar place. I don't think the grammar stream is distance based at all. (But I must admit I found that hard to work out from admissions criteria) I know of someone that lives nearer than us offered a grammar stream place after so can only assume it's all score based. We are about 3-4 km and had no hope on a distance place!

3 weeks in she is very happy there and actually I think for an emotional point of view she will be better there than wally girls as she likes to know she is doing well and she may have been nearer the bottom there.

One think I would say is check the journey if you are that far away. My daughter leaves at 7.15 to ensure she gets there due to busy buses etc.

Mangomadness2014 Wed 26-Sep-18 06:27:12

Hi there

Thank you for your reply. Think journey will take around an hour.

We also have Harris academy Merton which is only 10 mins walking distance. It’s an outstanding school and have very good chance of place there as pretty much live next door to it. But my dd prefers greenshaw.

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Jimjam68 Wed 26-Sep-18 13:45:41

Toomanycats - when you say grammar stream, are the children who got in on selective places kept in a separate stream (like Graveney for instance) or are they treated as any other non selective child. i.e streamed as all comprehensive schools stream?

Toomanycats99 Wed 26-Sep-18 13:52:18

I am meaning grammar stream purely for intake purposes. As far as I am aware then are then treated as everyone else and no grammar specific classes / streams once in. They do seem to be streamed in some subjects but I think that is based on a test they did in June time.

Gafoor786 Tue 03-Mar-20 19:09:14

Hi toomanycats99, I know it’s a bit late to ask but what number was your daughter on In the beginning. My son is on the waiting list and I’m too anxious if he will ever get a place.

MagicMM Wed 04-Mar-20 10:31:46

Hi all, any info for the appeal process please. Is there someone succeeded in appeal for selective places? When we start appeal, is it worths. I mean that when it is grammar/selective places by exam what reasons you can have to appeal really. Is the panel supposed to disclose the exam papers and recheck if any mistake in marking or whatsoever. thanks.

MagicMM Wed 04-Mar-20 10:33:07

yes, I also would like to know how far in the waiting list and still to have a chance please.

jusstisha Wed 04-Mar-20 11:02:07

Hi magicMm, is your child on waiting list too?

Zaman2020 Sun 22-Nov-20 16:33:06

Hi Mangomadness2014,

Did your daughter get a place finally? I am in similar situation as you. I like to know more about the grammar school setting of Greenshaw.


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