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Music Scholarships at Public Schools

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dababa Fri 21-Sep-18 15:06:04

My son is going to apply for a music scholarship to one of (13+) public schools but he is currently a music scholar at the local independent Grammar school. According the rules, he cannot attempt the music awards examinations without the written permission of his current school. Has anyone had experience in a similar situation before and advice on how to appropriately approach the current school to start the conversation? Thanks!

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roguedad Fri 21-Sep-18 15:40:27

That's a bizarre requirement - makes me worried about the culture there. Just write a short letter asking whoever should do it (Head of Music at current school?) to please give permission, perhaps just stating you are exploring options etc. But if you are applying elsewhere have you not already had to get a report from the current school on your son for the new school? Seems a bit odd that this should come up first in connection with a music award??

propatria Fri 21-Sep-18 17:23:36

Think youll find this is more to do with prep schools than Grammar,I am aware of a very pushy mother that against the advice of her sons prep school went for a music scholarship at a very well known school,,the audition was a disaster and the boys mum ,who was in attendance was asked why she had ignored the advice of her sons school,

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