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Best N/W London State Girls' Schools?

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hamp16 Fri 21-Sep-18 10:55:23

It's Year 5, and we are starting to figure out the schools to focus on. What ones do people recommend, and which is the best for an academic, non-musical girl? Here's what we've got:

St Marylebone
Camden School for Girls
Grey Coat
Henrietta Barnett
UCL Academy (unisex)

Any info on how these schools are now, and any we're missing?

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EarlyModernParent Fri 21-Sep-18 10:57:26

My colleague has had 3 go through Henrietta Barnet very recently and sings its praises. They loved and got stellar results.
I have no info on the others.

hipposgoberserk Fri 21-Sep-18 13:54:23

Have you looked at any yet? I know Marylebone and CSG have done their tours for this year, as they get them out of the way before the banding test and the musical/perfomance tests.

We went to see CSG and liked it but that cohort was large and I am not sure we live close enough. Know people with children at CSG and Marylebone and they like it. Equally know people whose girls could have gone to CSG but they went to other state schools or private instead.

I I don't think anyone can be in the "catchment" for all of those schools.

Notcontent Fri 21-Sep-18 22:17:49

HB is meant to be amazing but really hard to get into. You basically have to be pretty clever AND have lots of tutoring.

foldingtable Fri 21-Sep-18 22:43:11

Dame Alice Owen?

LarkDescending Sat 22-Sep-18 19:28:06

Depending on location, etc., you may also wish to consider:

Parliament Hill (girls)
La Sainte Union (girls, Catholic)
Alexandra Park (mixed)
Highbury Fields (girls)

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