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Eleven Plus Support Thread for Parents 2018

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Mumski45 Thu 04-Oct-18 09:14:57

@Crisscrosscranky Good luck with both sets of results - hopefully you will end up with the difficult decision of having to choose between 2 good options.

@BeachCrow I also hope your DD is right but its good that she feels confident. DS1 came out of his feeling terrible and convinced that he had failed but he didn't and got offered a place. Im now hoping that DS2 is not going to go the other way and be overconfident without good reason.

Its so frustrating not being able to do anything and I find it difficult talking to friends about it as they either are not interested because their kids didn't take the 11+ or they are in the same boat and too worried to want to be reminded all the time.

BeachCrow Wed 03-Oct-18 20:01:11

Hi, can I join in too? DD sat her exams last weekend, results due by the 19th. I took her to look round a comprehensive yesterday evening and she was convinced we didn't really need to bother as she's so sure she's passed! I so hope she's right.

crisscrosscranky Wed 03-Oct-18 19:47:23

Hi @Mumski45 - we're waiting for two lots of results; a non-grammar school on 12th and then 11plus results on 16th. It's a long and nail biting wait - my DD is also laid back; I really can't call it.

Am having an absolute nightmare in all other aspects of life at the moment so just hope we get one bit of good news!

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Mumski45 Sun 30-Sep-18 13:36:25

How is everyone doing waiting for their results. I have come to join you as DS2 sat his eleven plus yesterday and I am now sat here biting my nails for 10 days waiting.
He seemed happy enough when he came out of the exam but then told me he had to guess a few answers on the VR paper. Maths he said was much harder than the practice papers but English was OK.
He is so laid back about it my DD said he was almost horizontal but me not quite so much as I don't really have a good plan B.

I have been here before with DS1 but that doesn't seem to make it any easier.
Is everyone expecting results around the same time? Ours are out on 10th October.

Digdeep79 Tue 25-Sep-18 06:52:10

Same here! She doesn't care at all but I'm now counting the days! X

crisscrosscranky Tue 25-Sep-18 06:17:29

Best of luck @Digdeep79 - I'm anxious but DD has forgotten all about it already! That was our plan but I didn't expect to care quite so much!

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Digdeep79 Sun 23-Sep-18 20:54:21

We are waiting too! Feeling quite anxious!

Greenleave Sun 23-Sep-18 14:58:25

Best of luck Crisscross, its great that it is all over now(but ofcourse the wait...awgg!)

crisscrosscranky Sun 23-Sep-18 05:32:39

@Greenleave yes, we're CSSE so both tests on one day then results in October but don't get school allocation until March!

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Greenleave Sat 22-Sep-18 22:21:22

Best of luck crisscross, is it only 1 round then waiting for March result?! Fingers crossed! We are doing it this year too, in couple of weeks time!

crisscrosscranky Sat 22-Sep-18 20:55:36

Thanks, no tears this morning and she doesn't seem to be perturbed by the experience- a three and a half week waiting period now!

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portico Fri 21-Sep-18 07:14:18

Good luck, I hope she does well and gets her first choice grammar school. I have experienced the same excitement and fear, as I have two boys at the same superselective grammar school.

My elder woke up at 4am on the morning of the exam feeling nervous. I comforted him. Be aware of any nervousness with your DD in the 24 hours to the exam, and provide some succour. All the best.

crisscrosscranky Thu 20-Sep-18 21:29:44

DD1 sits her test on Saturday. She's exhausted so we've scaled right back on practice now and what will be will be. She's a borderline/depends on the day type so fingers crossed... it'll be a long wait for the results I think!

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