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UCL Academy

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DesperatelySeekingSecondary Thu 20-Sep-18 10:41:57

Hello there. I recently went to see the UCL Academy which is our catchment school. Our kid is very bright, top of the class for the last 4 years, high eq, voracious reader in 2 languages, musical, mature, well past 11+ in mathematical ability, not super-sporty. Our kid loved the school but is also sitting for highly selective grammar. Feel very conflicted because the OFSTED for UCLA said that there was insufficient provision for more able students. I know the school is growing and changing all the time so have no idea if they have managed to iron this out. Part of me just wants to not over-complicate all of our lives and send them to UCLA - our local comp which is - after all - state of the art and pretty impressive at first glance.

My question is, do you have direct experience of the school, is your child happy there? What is the teaching like? Is there a lot of disruptive behaviour? And also crucially for us - do they know how to stretch more able kids?

So far they seem to be quite limited with the language provision (only 1 at GCSE) and quite restrictive on the number of GCSEs the kids can take.

There is also little or no info on A'Level results on their website.

Many thanks!

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Astronotus Thu 20-Sep-18 10:53:19

OP, I think you may have answered your own question. You say the school has:

Only one language at GCSE
Restrictive number of GCSE
No info on A level results - none at all.
The following comment from the Ham & High "UCL Academy students who received their A-level results yesterday are ‘equipped to be global citizens’, according to the school’s co-principal." - No number of students, grades gaine, percentages.

You have a very bright child. They will undoubtedly be capable of taking a higher number of GCSEs (10 or more) and with excellent languages you will need a school that offers more than one language.

I would steer clear. Good luck with the grammar application.

evenstrangerthings Fri 21-Sep-18 21:26:50

The 2015 cohort at UCL Academy had A Level results with A-A* Grade percentage – 16.4%. We asked directly as DD was offered a place at the time.

ReadingTeaLeaves Fri 21-Sep-18 23:44:44

Go and ask the school about A Level results and leavers' destinations. My understanding is that they are very good in context of other local comprehensives but I am not totally up to date, so please do check yourself. I have had reason to come into contact with many UCLA students and have always been impressed with them.

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