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Helping depressed teenager

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Prussiablue Tue 18-Sep-18 18:57:51

Turning to mumsnet for help....teenager just started A Levels but already has no real interest. I have run out of ideas of how to help. Tried activities but teenager got bored easily so stopped. Hasn't really got a tight network of friends. Can't bear the loneliness that my teen is feeling. How can I help? Does anyone have any sage wisdom? xx

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Astronotus Thu 20-Sep-18 10:29:39

Hi Prussia. Speak to the pastoral team at your DC's school or college. They will have strategies to help. You've tried activities but are there any types of group you could persuade your DC to join? Anything, music, sport, art. It doesn't necessarily have to be in school. How about a Saturday job to earn some money, it can give them confidence.

Frogletmamma Thu 20-Sep-18 13:05:08

Maybe your teen is suffering from depression? Talk through their feelings and if you think this might be the case contact your GP

Prussiablue Thu 20-Sep-18 13:38:25

I wouldn't even know how to start my teenager for a Saturday job, is so de motivated. I don't think depression is such as to talk to GP. Do talk to teenager, conscious that I do so without being over the top but it might just be a phase some of that age group go through. Thank you for your comments.

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