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Applying for secondary school in one town, but possibly moving to another in the summer

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Kayleigh1804 Mon 10-Sep-18 21:52:26

I currently live in Swindon (Wiltshire) so need to apply for secondary schools by Oct for my son. However there is a very high possibility that we will be moving to Devizes (Wiltshire) next June. Both towns although in same county have different councils. We will be visiting open days in both areas, but I am unsure of what I am supposed to do about applying? Any advice? Thankyou

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Hersetta427 Mon 10-Sep-18 22:22:50

You apply based on your current address to your local authority. You can include schools in your new area but presumably you would get a place living where you do now so you would need to choose your current nearest schools and then make a late application once you have your new address. You may not have much of a choice though as they can only offer a place at a school with a vacancy rather than one of your preferred options.

Kayleigh1804 Tue 11-Sep-18 05:57:35

Thank you for the advice. I Should’ve asked on here sooner rather than getting all stressed!

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Hersetta427 Tue 11-Sep-18 07:42:58

Would not get a place that should have read - missed out the word not !

Penguinsnpandas Tue 11-Sep-18 20:33:24

We did this, did applications for local schools from current address then once confirmed moving changed to schools from there. We had to go on waiting list but got lucky and both kids into our first choice outstanding rated school 5 mins walk away.

woodlands01 Tue 11-Sep-18 21:19:14

I thinks Devizes school is generally undersubscribed. Admissions number is around 220 for Y7 if I remember correctly
A simple phone call would tell you if they are under or over subscribed - if they are under then a late application will be accepted and you can stop worrying about it!

Kayleigh1804 Tue 11-Sep-18 22:01:20

Thank you for the advice. I’m attending an open evening for Devizes school in a couple of weeks so hoping to speak to someone then. Or I shall make that phone call. Il apply for schools where I am now and then hope for the best when/if we move 🤞🏻

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