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Which maths board for further maths GCSE?

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hubby Sun 09-Sep-18 05:14:10

My year 11 son can choose if he will follow AQA or Exexcel exam board syllabuses. Any advise from those experienced in both?

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lljkk Sun 09-Sep-18 09:24:51

ooh... I can ask DD later. She just started at a 6thFm where the kids have done one or the other & they compare & contrast what concepts are new in her math/FM A-levels. NobleG can advise too, I imagine.

noblegiraffe Sun 09-Sep-18 11:41:40

I love the AQA course and the purple textbook for it is really good. I don’t know the Edexcel course at all, I think it’s an IGCSE.

The AQA one has just been reformed into 9-1, I don’t think the content has actually changed though.

Clavinova Mon 10-Sep-18 12:06:54

The Edexcel course is an odd one - only 152 candidates sat the exam this year - and only 11 candidates achieved an A* grade. Over 20,000 candidates sat the AQA exam.

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