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Emmanuel college gateshead admissions

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Mum168 Sat 08-Sep-18 20:43:24

Can anyone tell me about Emmanuel college gateshead admissions test. As in the website it said is a non verbal reasoning and aptitude test.
I would like to know more about the test like how many questions and how long the test is. And the website said is a no past no fail test so is that means everyone applying for the year 7 will get a place. I've just moved to the area and I have no one to ask for.
Thanks in advance for any advice!

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ShalomJackie Sun 09-Sep-18 20:21:17

No pass no fail does not mean that everyone gets a place. It just means there won't be a pass mark to achieve. So if there are 20 places for example they will take the top 20 applying.

myrtleWilson Sun 09-Sep-18 23:38:12

Emmanuel takes admission on the education attainment curve for its admission area mapped against those taking the exams.

So you don't fail/pass but for example if the attainment curve for the admission area is (these are for illustration)

Admission area at year 6 - 10% very below expectation, 20 % below expectation, 40% at expectation 20% above expectation and 10% way above expectation

then the college has to match that in its intake from those who apply - how they actually do this is a mystery to me...

Mum168 Mon 10-Sep-18 12:07:47

Hi, thanks all for the reply.

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