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A Level Re-marking

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Guardsman18 Sat 08-Sep-18 17:01:22

Hi, I am asking on here before I approach school on Monday.

Does anyone have and advice on re-marking?

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Alwaysatyke Sat 08-Sep-18 17:09:19

I'm way out of touch here probably but I had an a level remarked (17 years ago!) and it moved up a grade. I was one mark off the grade boundary so school were happy to submit it for remarking. I was told if the grade didn't change then there would be an admin charge but because mine went up it didn't cost anything.

If it hadn't been so close to the boundary I don't think school would have been enthusiastic about it. I had to choose which of the ?six papers to have remarked (so i didn't resubmit the whole subject iykwim, i had to choose which was the most likely to gain marks).

I did it because I had a bursary dependent on the grade. If it didn't matter (e.g. not affecting uni entrance or anything else) I don't think I'd bother

boux Sat 08-Sep-18 17:12:01

Yes I had one remarked 10 years ago and went up from a C to an A.

Alwaysatyke Sat 08-Sep-18 17:26:21

Should add - I discussed with teachers and arranged the remark on results day. I'd maybe be prepared for them to be less enthusiastic given the delay

Guardsman18 Sat 08-Sep-18 17:53:12

Thanks. I've learned something - that's there is no hyphen between re and mark!

Given that schools only went back last Wednesday, why would they be less enthusiastic?

Can you have certain modules remarked and not the whole paper?

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LoniceraJaponica Sat 08-Sep-18 17:54:54

"Given that schools only went back last Wednesday, why would they be less enthusiastic?"

Because they would expect you to ask for a remark on results day. Why did you wait?

LIZS Sat 08-Sep-18 18:00:36

The deadline will now be pretty tight. Depending on how close to grade boundaries you may run the risk of dropping as well as improving grades. Remarks are a clerical check that the marks have been added correctly and are within the tolerance for the grade. Changes are increasingly unusual. You pay per paper and only receive a refund if a mistake is found. Would a change of grade make a difference to the future plans at this stage?

EvilTwins Sun 09-Sep-18 18:05:33

Deadline is 20th Sept so still time. Student has to sign a form saying that they accept that the grade may go down as well as up.

School will know how close the grade boundary was. There are two levels - a clerical check (ie did marks get added up properly) and a Review of Marking - as LIZS states, this is a check that the marks are in the correct band, rather than a full-on remark from scratch.

It's worth contacting the school and speaking to the subject teacher if you think that there has been an error. School can also ask for the paper to be returned so that they can check it against the mark scheme.

I teach KS5 and have sent some of mine away for a review of marking. Before I did that, though, I read the examiner's report, checked the work against the mark scheme and looked at the boundaries. It was useful to be able to do all of that in the holidays - not sure I'd have time to do it properly now that term has started again, and obviously getting the mark breakdown and papers back took a bit of time.

Why have you left it til nearly a month since results came out?

Guardsman18 Sun 09-Sep-18 19:31:49

It's for my son. He didn't know what he wanted to do really. He had an a and a few b's in certain modules but it averaged to a d.

I was asking whether he could just resit certain modules or if he had to sit the whole exam again as well as the remark.

(He has a pain in the arse dad is why I've left it so long but I thought we had until 20th?

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Guardsman18 Sun 09-Sep-18 19:33:30

Sorry. I have just noticed that I didn't ask about the modules! If anyone can enlighten me, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you

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EvilTwins Sun 09-Sep-18 20:14:34

You’re better off asking the subject teacher at his school. Has he finished now or is he in yr 13?

whiteroseredrose Sun 09-Sep-18 20:58:13

DS had an AS level re-marked. He was able to ask to see the script first for free and saw that part of a question hadn't been marked.

School paid for the re-mark in that case.

Can you ask to see it first so you can check the adding and get a feel for whether it would be worth it.

catslife Tue 11-Sep-18 09:54:10

Just seen this petition and thought some of you would be interested in signing.
A level re-marks

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