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Stroud/Gloucestershire schools

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RingInTheNew Fri 07-Sep-18 14:30:07

Hi all

We are moving to Stroud in the coming months and I am trying to get some on-the-ground advice from people living nearby. I don't know anything about the local state schools beyond what I have read on their websites, and am hoping to go to some of the open days, but secondary school application time is fast approaching and I'm wondering which ones I should be putting down.

My son is a quietish academic type who likes to be challenged and loves football. I'm looking at Marling Grammar but have also heard a little about Thomas Keble, Maidenhall, Archway and Deer Park. (We'd prefer to go the state school route but might consider private if it were the right place for him).

Any advice very gratefully received! Thank you.

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steppemum Fri 07-Sep-18 14:41:29

Hi OP,
Stroud runs a grammar system, so to get into Marling (boys) or Stroud High School (girls) you need to sit and 11+ exam.

For entry year 7 in 2019, the exam is on Saturday 15th September. Unfortunately you had to register for this exam in June, and so if you have missed that date your son cannot sit the exam on the 15th.

Marling is a lovely school, my son has been very happy there over the last few years. Certainly liking to be challenged and liking football would make him fit there extremely well. It is and excellent school with excellent results. If you want to consider your son for it, he will need to take the late test (in March I think) and then go on the waiting list if he passes. (there are never any free places, he would need to go on the waiting list) You can then appeal and if he has a good pass, he is very likely to get in. That is a long process though, and you will not know until June time whether or not you have a place.

If you want to do this, you should phone the admissions department at Marling and get the correct details, including what to put on the application form in October.

Deer Park is in Cirencester, it is a very good all round comprehensive, but it is a drag to travel to Cirencester every day.

I'm afraid I don;t know anything current about Archway or the others, but remember that they have lost many of their top students to the grammer. (less true of Deer Park)

RingInTheNew Fri 07-Sep-18 20:25:14

Thanks Steppemum, that's really useful info. I had heard about the late test in March but hadn't fully realised that we would need to appeal if he got a good pass... good to know!

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celticmissey Fri 07-Sep-18 20:34:57

Wouldn't suggest Archway. Deer Park in Cirencester has a good reputation and there is a bus from Stroud. Depending on what part of Stroud you are in there is The Crypt grammar in Gloucester which is very good or Tommy Riches grammar. Some children from Stroud attend these schools.

steppemum Sat 08-Sep-18 09:31:43

You may not need to appeal, I can't remember exactly how the waiting list works. It may be that if he gets a higher mark than all the kids on the waiting list he automatically bumps to the top of the waiting list. The waiting list is made up of the children who haven't got a high enough mark to be allocated a place, so it wouldn't be difficult to get a higher mark.

Thomas Riches and Crypt are both grammars, so work on the same exam as Marling, you only have to do the exam once, but you do have to ask for your result to be shared with all schools if you want to consider the other schools.

There is a fair amount of movement on the waiting list between March (places allocated) and September, so if he is top of the list I would confidently expect him to get in.

Secondary applications have to be in by 31st October, so if you haven't moved by then you may run into a problem not having a Stroud address for applications. In that sense the grammars work in your favour, as they do not use distance as a criteria, but go solely on pass grade for the exam (with one or two exceptions)

For more detailed help with the 11+ and all the rules round late test, look at the 11+ forum, and post a question under Gloucestershire, there are a lot of very knowledgeable people on there, some are ex appeal panel members etc, so they know their stuff.

steppemum Sat 08-Sep-18 09:40:00

I don't know anything currently about Archway, my cousin went there years ago and it was a disaster, but that was along time ago!

My son tells my it is rubbish, but I would expect that as Marlin and Archway are arch rivals!

Sorry can't be more helpful about the non grammars. Again, ask on the 11+ forum, they know about ALL the schools

RingInTheNew Fri 14-Sep-18 14:28:18

Great advice - many thanks, this is so helpful!

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