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Changing the A'Level syllabus

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wineoclockthanks Thu 06-Sep-18 17:42:51

DD is gutted. She had her first History A'Level lesson today and they have changed exam boards and so the syllabus has totally changed.

She specifically chose the course a) as she was interested in those topics and b) as they complimented her other A-Levels.

Funnily enough, she actually confirmed the curriculum with the History Teacher on results day and I can't believe they have changed it in the last couple of weeks.

She is gutted - but has forbidden us to say anything to the school.

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ShalomJackie Thu 06-Sep-18 19:00:51

I know this won't be of comfort but we have had similar. The school offer 2 syllabus from the same board and DS was much keener on one than the other. He has gone back to school and is on the "path" that would have been his preferred route. However, he is very happy with the replacements.

Maybe see if there are any films/books/articles about the new area she'll be doing that may inspire her?

ShalomJackie Thu 06-Sep-18 19:01:50

I meant preferred route as they are still running the other route but his preferred has been replaced by different eras/themes.

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