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AQA or OCR A level Maths Examinations 2020

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Tigerzmum Wed 05-Sep-18 17:35:34

Hi, I am looking to have my DS sit for maths privately; The issues my plan may encounter is that his school follow the OCR syllabus so if he does the AQA syllabus it may clash with the exam of one of his 3 A level subjects. otherwise he can follow the OCR syllabus, but find no school would take him on to privately sit the exam. Has anyone encountered this dilema;

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jr2116 Wed 05-Sep-18 18:25:44

Usually all exam boards timetable the same subjects at the same time, since there's no real point in doing the same subject with different exam boards.

noblegiraffe Wed 05-Sep-18 21:38:08

Surely if there’s a clash with his subjects then there’s a clash regardless of where he sits it?

Why is he not sitting it (privately or otherwise) at his current school and why do you think no one would take a private candidate if they were sitting OCR?

Astronotus Thu 06-Sep-18 09:52:08

OP. Will he be studying this at home alone? Or will he have a tutor? A fourth A level on top of his three other A levels at school will be a lot of work. Some students find maths hard, unless they absolutely love it.

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